Texas: The Most Prison Rape-y of All the States

Because this is how lists work, one state must sit atop America’s list of where the most prison rapes take place. Texas just happens to get that honor, though it’s unclear why.

Four of America’s Top 10 most-rape-y prisons are in Texas, including the Estelle Unit, in Huntsville (pictured), which beat the national average of inmates reporting sexual assaults in the previous 12 months. Overall, some 4.5 percent of inmates report abuse; at Estelle, it was 15.7 percent. So is it because of that statistic, or in spite of it that Texas is the only state to have a special prosecutions unit focusing solely on prison crimes? Most startlingly, however, is that victims more often report their assailants not as fellow inmates, but as guards.

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  • Pip

    itd be cool if they had a hot guy prison huh

  • dvlaries

    Only in the movies, Pip

    It’s astonishing how many all-white, hunk-only prisons exist in the gay porn world.

  • mike

    um, rape is not okay even if the perpetrator or victim is hot.

  • ossurworld

    Convicted criminals accusing guards of crime? That has credibility.

  • Jack

    @ossurworld: …which is EXACTLY how the guards get away with it. Duh.

  • David


    Exactly! Rape is not a joke. People are scarred by the experience. Some receive HIV.

  • Mitch

    @David: But all receive orgasms.

  • Lincoln Rose

    Geez, half of you come on. Rape is not a joking matter. You would think guys in the queer community especially would be able to see that men can be sexually victimized.

    If you want real information on the horrors of prison rape, check out Just Detention International’s website

  • Zach

    If the guard was raped then he probably wanted it. Hell, its a fantasy that’d come across everyone’s mind at least once, especially on the job. The pheromones that go about that place aren’t going to go away, because they aren’t exactly clean. It’d be surprising if there wasn’t some percentage of those guys raped.

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