“Texts From Your Ex” Reveals The Sad, Hilarious Reality Of Messy Breakups

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Unless you’re one of those people who stays with your high school sweetheart for the rest of your life (which in the gay world is the equivalent of Bigfoot riding a unicorn under a quadruple rainbow), you’ve gone through a soul-crushing breakup.

And if you haven’t yet, don’t worry — it’s coming. Sorry to burst your bubble.

But while breakups can feel like a merciless hurricane battering at your emotions and sanity, there is at least one silver lining to the whole disastrous mess — this Instagram feed.

Texts from your ex” delivers a daily dose of relationship horror, and since we’ve already established you’ve been there, it may prove quite cathartic (not to mention hilarious) to see how others are handling the turmoil.

Strap in for this one, its a bumpy ride: