Thai Gays, Trannies Left In Constitutional Cold

The Thai government just can seem to get it straight. The new government, which took over after last September’s coup, promised to grants gays, lesbians and trans folk (referred to as “kathoey”) equal rights.

One of the charter writers, Chirmsak Pinthong, said, “This council has already guaranteed equal rights for the disabled, so why can’t we give the same treatment to those who have sexual preferences.”

Last week, as America celebrated its independence, the Constitutional Drafting Assembly drafted a new constitution which ensured equal rights for “other sexual identities,” which many took as trans-inclusive.

Unfortunately, the draft didn’t pass the test and now writers have removed the language all together, according to Fridae:

Lesbians, gays and transgenders in Thailand will not be protected under the country’s new constitution as the constitutional drafting assembly said last week that the reopening of the gay issue had been done incorrectly. As such, the ruling renders the initial decision invalid.

That sucks, especially considering trannies bring in about 99.9% of Thailand’s international travel, if you know what we mean.