Thai Trannies Give New Meaning To “Girl” Power

Thailand’s estimated to have the world’s largest concentration of transsexuals. What a perfect place, then, for Sony BMG to construct the world’s first trannie girl band: Venus Flytrap. That’s right: Venus Flytrap, as in the flesh eating plant known for snapping tighter than a freshly constructed pussy.

The company auditioned over 100,000 thai trannies, but narrowed it down to five. After a year-long singing dancing boot camp, the women emerged as the trannie version of The Spice Girls, uniform prefix and all.

Unfortunately Posh Venus, Naughty Venus and the other assorted Venus’ can’t seem to match the original quintet’s aural range. Sony BMG official Amonrat Homhoul says:

Recording was time-consuming because the group members sing as women, but cannot keep their voices at a high pitch for more than a few hours.

Yow. Too bad execs didn’t get to them before their balls dropped, huh?

Though the ladies haven’t hit it big on the charts, they’re hoping to traverse musical boundaries. Of her participation, Cool Venus notes:

I see being in Venus Flytrap as another chance for me, a ladyboy, to work in another field of entertainment other than cabarets and beauty pageants.

Trying to ride the dusty coat tails of a short-lived girl group’s definitely the way to do it. Hopefully you and yours will last longer…

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