Thank You For Being A Trend: The 2013 Primetime Emmys

emmy trends 20013

The biggest night in television, the 2013 Primetime Emmys, failed to please even with the help of half the gays of Hollywood. Before we screamed at our television sets about the outright travesties masquerading as winners or fell asleep mid-ceremony, we reviewed the red carpet. Check out some of the trends you favorite celebs and also-rans wore to the festivities.

Dark Ladies

emmys trends

These ladies must have known the ceremony was going to be as fun as a funeral. Perhaps they were prepared to mourn the obvious robberies that were to take place. Either way, a little black and lace went a long way.

Bold Blues

2013 emmy dresses

Last night the blues were bold, but the dresses were boring. Tina Fey, of course, being one of the few exceptions. Category is: CHEESECAKE!

Enviable Emeralds

emmy dresses

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good color story? Recently, the shade has been a red carpet staple and we’re not complaining. We will, however, complain about the fact that The Big Bang Theory is still snatching up trophies 6 years later.

Jersey Couture

emmy prom dresses

At any red carpet you’ll always find a few stragglers who looked like they picked up their dresses from the sales bin of David’s Bridal. Somehow, this year it appears that “junior prom in Jersey” was the inspiration of one too many stylists.

More Mermaids

best dressed emmys

The Mermaid bottom seems to be one trend that refuses to quit. Funny, we think the same about Modern Family.

Shawl Situations

mens tuxes emmys

We didn’t forget about the boys. For the men who did decide to don something more classic, the shawl collar made a huge difference. No lapel stands a chance near the the shrunken shawl collar.

Non-Traditional Tuxes

mens emmys 2013

It can be pretty hard to break the mold as a guy at one of of these things. Therefore, we applaud the dudes brave enough to opt for something other than the regular black and white penguin suit. One can take a note from Zachary Quinto‘s all black look or Will Arnett’s contrasting colors. And no we don’t mean that orange tan.

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