Thanks to Ted Haggard Sleeping With a Male Prostitute, Gayle Has the Marriage She Always ‘Longed For’

No, we cannot get enough of Gayle Haggard, the likable wife of disgraced pastor Ted, and who’s been making the media rounds to promote her new book. And she’s quickly becoming the biggest advocate for the power of faith to cure you of homosexuality. If you so choose!

“I do believe that [homosexuality is] listed with other sins in the Bible, but we’re all guilty,” Gayle tells the Washington Post. But “God understands our human condition and our frailty.” Which is exactly the sort of thing you should expect from a good pastor’s wife.

Still convinced, as her husband is, that Ted is a heterosexual, Gayle is finding the positives in all this. “We’ve both grown in compassion. Ted often says, ‘Both of our prayers were answered.’ He feels as though he is walking in the freedom that he really longed for and worked for his whole adult life. He feels as though he finally got the answers when he faced the problem and was able to get tools to work on it. And I got the marriage that I longed for, because the walls came down, and we’re very open and honest with each other now.”

To be sure, problem he “faced” has much to do with the “tools” that got to “work on.”