That a Catholic School Teacher Is a Gay Pedophile Is Believable, But Not True In This Case

A teacher at a Catholic high school, is not a gay pedophile, despite what you read on Facebook.

A student at Australia’s Emmanuel College, Warrnambool, started a Facebook page claiming one of his teachers was exactly that. Haha, right? There was a quick apology, and no expulsion for the student. Before being removed from Facebook, the group attracted some 40 classmates to join. Because teachers can be cyber-bullied too. []

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  • PaulMc

    Queerty has had some bad tag lines but this has to be the most despicable. Exactly why is it believable that a Catholic School teacher is a ‘gay pedophile’? or do you mean any gay teacher is likely to be a ‘gay pedophile’ ?

    Queerty, just stop with the crap and get someone who can write to make posts.

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