That Time Channing Tatum Won A Bet To Make Jonah Hill Kiss His Penis

channing-tatum-underwearMajor dreamboat hunk alert! Channing Tatum has given an interview to GQ, the gay magazine that pretends it isn’t, in which he reveals important details about his penis.

We have gathered the salient details for you here, so you do not have to pretend to be interested in what he also has to say about his love of painting.

Also, apparently he appears as a sex slave at the end of This is The End, but we’ve collected that here for you as well so you don’t have to sit through that either.

The most important news, the thing that all of the Sunday-morning pundits will be discussing, is that Jonah Hill owes Channing a kiss on the tip of his penis. Apparently they made a bet about the box office take for 21 Jump Street, and Channing won, and the odds were that high. Frankly the whole thing sounds win-win to us.

He tells the interviewer that these days he’s “fappy,” which he thinks is a combination of “fat and happy,” the poor sex idiot. Later, he paints the words “I am Dr. Fappy” on a coffee mug.

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