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That Time Colton Haynes And Greg Berlanti Hit A Gay Piano Bar, Plus James Franco Hires A Bodyguard

Best night ever at Marie’s Crisis NYC wit @gberlanti @kevintdon #WTB

Una foto pubblicata da Colton Haynes (@coltonlhaynes) in data:

In what was apparently the best night ever, producer-writer Greg Berlanti, recently split from Robbie Rogers accompanied Teen Wolf‘s songbird Colton Haynes and another pal to Marie’s Crisis, a Greenwich Village piano bar that draws a predominantly gay clientele.   1534960_911416465548685_1662629968313900435_o

Zac Efron doesn’t realize Movember is over. We’re not complaining and neither is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who’s working on a TV project with him and Evan Goldberg, director of The Interview.


And while on the subject of The Interview, the controversial comedy that has changed the film industry forever, its star James Franco has reportedly beefed up his personal security in light of the threats from scary North Korean hackers.


And hackers naturally leads us to news of Madonna, who is understandably pissed off that an early, uncompleted version of her upcoming album was leaked, a move she initially described as “artistic rape.”



54, the film about the legendary and some would say notorious nightclub Studio 54, was famously butchered before its theatrical release in 1998, but a director’s cut which restores the missing (and reportedly homoerotic) footage will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February. We hope this means more Ryan Phillippe nudity!


Candy magazine ambitiously assembled 14 of the world’s most prominent transgender women, including Laverne Cox, naturally, for a stunning pictorial.