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That Time David Lee Roth Accidentally Partied With NYC’s Gays

I remember one Sunday night—which was usually gay night—I get this phone call from downstairs: ‘Some guy David is asking for you. He has long hair and says he’s in a band called Van Halen?’ Oh my God. That’s David Lee Roth. He comes upstairs going, ‘Dude, why wouldn’t they let me in?’ I’m like, ‘It’s gay night, man. They don’t listen to your music. They don’t know who you are.’?

—Mark Frieser, the 1980s doorman at Limelight, recalling an experience that will never happen again now that the space is becoming a glorified shopping mall [via]

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  • alan brickman

    Dave has always been cool with the gays…good for him!!!

  • Miss Understood

    Maybe he meant to go on gay night. I’ve heard rumors about him for years.

  • alan brickman

    ie Miss Understood…

    There are actually straight guys out there who can hang with gays no problem…why are you such a straight hater??

  • Joe

    I attended a rather tuff vocational High School in Massachusetts, and I had the biggest crush on
    David Lee along with every other Girl in my class.
    I use to love it when they would bring in magazines
    with David bearing his blonde hairy chest.
    I remember those keg parties in the woods, with Van Halen
    blasting from the cars, and me with my little dirty secret lusting over Diamond Dave.

  • Joey O'H

    Accident? I doubt not.

  • jai

    From alan brickman
    “ie Miss Understood…
    There are actually straight guys out there who can hang with gays no problem…why are you such a straight hater??”

    How the hell is Miss Understood a “straight hater”? The truth is that David Lee Roth has been rumored, for a very long time, that he likes guys. Big friggin’ deal. And gay rumors don’t always have anything to do with hating. Being gay is no insult. I mean, are you such a sad little straight-worshiping gay boi that needs to defend all the heteros out there?! Gimme a break.

  • Joey O'H

    Maybe Dave is one of those str8 guys that can hang with gay guys. But I’ve heard too many things over the years about Dave that suggest he plays on our team. I’m just sayin’…

  • Mario C.

    I’m one of those rare gay guys who preferred to listen to heavy metal in the 80’s to synth pop. Mind you, I like a lot of the pop bands/artists of the 80’s, but I sure do love a good driving bass line, and killer guitar work.

    Anyway, when Rob Halford (of Judas Priest) came out, it was as if my little gay heavy metal universe suddenly now had the brightest sun. I always wondered about Diamond Dave, no other heavy metal singer looked as good as he did in tights. And, let’s face it, straight men don’t look as hot as he still does at 55 yo. He’s still got the high kicks too. I still get jealous of the mic when he stuffs it down his pants.

    Rock on, Dave, I’m glad you’re back with Van Halen where you belong. I’ll love you no matter what.

  • Chris

    Im a male bisexual guitarist. But none of my love for david lee comes from that.

    I gotta say, van halen is what got me playing guitar. You don’t need to know my band but its “out there”.

    Dave regardless of his sexuality is one of the greatest singers ever, not because of his voice, but because of dedication and his grat performances.

    Dave your a bright star on the horizon for singers and no matter what “team” you play for you’ll allways have my admiriation.


    bisexual Male guitarist.

  • Kurt

    So who are you Chris? Which band are you in? Can you at least give a hint?

    It’s been rumored for years that David Lee Roth is bisexual or even gay.

  • Kellie Ann

    @Mario C.:

    I would like to know what you are smoking! Are you kidding me? David Lee Roth looks like ass. The years have not been kind to his face. ;)~

  • str8updave

    Saw DLR in concert recently….I am certain he is an old, jewish queen. He can still move tho’ and I still like him and the band enough to buy their latest…thumbs up all the way!
    Great to hear you guys can still create original music with the same edge that got you recognition from the start,

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