That Time John Stamos Almost Played A Bisexual Male Prostitute

john-stamosTonight is the premiere of Ryan Murphy‘s new series Scream Queens and we couldn’t be more excited. But once upon a time, Murphy had a different idea for a different show that would have involved John Stamos getting naked on a weekly basis and also caused queens to scream.

Seriously, how are we just hearing about this now?

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Stamos recently spoke to Details magazine about the time Murphy wanted him to play a bisexual male gigolo.

“He wanted to do three male hookers, like Charlie’s Angels, who’d go in and save relationships by having sex with the husband and the wife,” Stamos said.

Sounds like our kinda show!

Sadly, Stamos turned down the role.

“I was too afraid then,” he confessed.

Whomp, whomp.

But that wasn’t the only role offered to Stamos by Murphy.

“Ryan also wrote Nip/Tuck for me,” he continued, “but the person with whom I was in a relationship at the time read the script and said, ‘That’s demeaning toward women.'”

“I’m not with her anymore,” he added.

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Stamos also opened up about the “Uncle Jesse” shadow that he spent years running from before eventually throwing up his hands and just embracing it. He’ll be reprising the role in an upcoming Full House revival on Netflix.

“I fought it for years,” he said. “I was wrong, but I always thought if I were doing a sitcom, that it should be something smarter, more like Seinfeld. I’m happy to lean into it now.”

“There used to be such a stigma against going backward,” he continued. “But who fucking cares? It’s not hurting my career. I got to a point where I thought those yogurt commercials were, but it doesn’t matter. Nobody can put themselves up on a pedestal anymore.”

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