That Time Macklemore Stole “Thrift Shop” From A Queer New York Rapper

macklemore-leifIt wasn’t long after Macklemore & Ryan Lewis accepted the VMA for Best Video With A Social Message on Sunday night that New York rapper Le1f began airing his beef with the hip-hop duo on Twitter.

Much like the one-hit-wonder band that accused Cher of jacking their original ideas, Le1F claimed to be the real inspiration behind the hit “Thrift Shop” and took the singer to task over being a “straight white dude” riding the coattails of marriage equality.

But unlike that one-hit-wonder band, Le1F’s claims are actually legit.

The fiercely androgynous NY performer believes the beat carrying his 2012 hit “Wut” is strangely similar to the bassline that’s made Macklemore millions in “Thrift Shop.” Normally, this is the part where we’d roll our eyes, but homegirl do have a point:

Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”:

…and Le1F’s “Wut”:

Sounds about right. And Le1f isn’t happy about it:


(Tweets have since been deleted, but screenshots live forever! Thanks, NewNowNext!)

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