That Time Pro-Gay UFC Fighter Kyle Kingsbury Ejaculated On Someone’s Sushi

kyle kingsbury thumbTurns out that presenting his pro-gay ass on national television was Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Kyle Kingsbury’s swan song. The bearded mixed martial artist has announced plans to retire from the blood bath.

But he’s also walking away with the distinct honor of having this sentence written about him — something that is far more challenging than besting a muscled beast in a fighting cage:

“Kyle Kingsbury once dragged reality TV to the lowest depths in its shameful history,” wrote a blogger at SB Nation.

So how did he beat out Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and every real housewife of you-name-it for the heavyweight title of crass?

By ejaculating on someone else’s sushi, naturally.

While he was part of the SpikeTV show The Ultimate Fighter, wherein a bunch of competitors are locked in a house together and plied with booze, the guys got into a bit of a food prank war.

It escalated when someone secretly pissed on a fruit bowl and giggled like a school girl when he watched his housemates eat it.

So to retaliate, Kyle took things to the next level by splooging on someone’s sushi (he calls it “splooshi”) then sticking it back in the fridge to be gobbled up.

At least it’s still raw.

Here’s a video of Kyle discussing the sticky situation, the juicy part comes at about the 3:55 mark:

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