That Trans-Scarring, Cement-Injecting Plastic Surgeon’s Assistant Got Into A Talk-Show Brawl

The story of the Oneal Ron Morris, the South Florida “doctor” who injected trans women with an unsafe mixture of cement, mineral oil and tire sealant has taken a turn for the trashier.

Earlier this week Corey Eubanks, Morris’ accused accomplice, went on Spanish-language talk show Cristina to prove his innocence.  Audience member Shaquanda Brown, one of the victims of Morris’ toxic-waste filler, marched on stage to confront this modern-day Igor head on. Once in his grill, Brown threw a prop syringe at Morris and started a Jerry Springer-style group fight before being restrained.

Now Eubanks is playing the victim and threatening to sue the talk show for putting him in danger. Suffering minor injuries from the incident, including a small cut on his forehead., he told the Sun Sentinel, “I’m just really aggravated about the situation. I definitely had my life threatened.”

Brown had to spend a month in the hospital because of Eubanks’ and Morris’ insanely dangerous injections. How’s that for life-threatening?