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The 10 Funniest Someecards About Pride Month


June is the perfect time to celebrate being out, of course, but sometimes we have to learn to laugh at ourselves and swallow our… um, pride.

The funny bastards at Someecards have a whole new batch of e-cards inspired by the gayest month of all. And they’re pink! We’ve selected the 10 funniest gay Pride Someecards just in time for this merry-making season.

Whether they poke fun at the elaborate parades, the naive heterosexuals or the ironic displays of flamboyance, these greetings will have even your prude friends chuckling at work.


Click through to see more Pride someecoards and send one out today!

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  • Callum

    I think the Stonewall/Leathers card is hilarious. It also hits a tad too close to home, lol.

  • Mike

    Wow, these are awful.

  • Chris

    10 chances to laugh and every one of them failed. That’s impressive.

  • Scott

    Hard to make someone laugh when they already hate everything.

  • Sebizzar

    @Scott: I hate everything… except gayness :D

  • Sebizzar

    These are funny i’ll have to post them on tumblr in case nobody hasn’t already :P

  • MoJo

    Nothing regarding Soft-Core Twink-Pix?!? The Mainstay of Queerty posts…

  • MoJo

    @Chris: @Chris:


  • spooge bob

    someecards are like the online equivalent of SNL. amazingly popular, yet never funny.

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