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The 14 Gayest Films at SXSW: Bears, Brothels and Boy Bands Aplenty


STRANGE POWERS examines two decades of music making by following Stephin Merritt, the openly gay frontman of the indie band The Magnetic Fields. The band’s most significant album to date is 69 Love Songs, an album that featured a handful of same-sex odes as well as ukulele, banjo, accordion, cello, mandolin, flute, xylophone, and all sorts of unexpected instruments. Though Merritt recently wrote the music and lyrics for the Broadway adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline (which will feature actor David Greenspan playing “the other mother” in drag), what’s most exciting is that Strange Power’s director also co-wrote a script about the 1950s transsexual icon, Christine Jorgensen and is currently directing a film about lesbian indie band, Le Tigre; making her somewhat of an expert on contemporary queer figures.


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  • fredo777

    I thought SXSW was all about music. Hmmm, I’m a newb

  • sal(the original)

    nice piece

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @fredo777: No, it is becoming one of the “it” film festivals, but that says nothing because “it” does not necessarily mean box office appeal. I believe things like “mumblecore” (whatever that means) had its start at the festival??? Not sure however as any time I see hipster-eque things like this I skim through it just to be assured it’s bullshit.

  • Casper O

    Basquiat didn’t get into the art world spray-painting but writing on walls. And he also wasn’t gay.

  • Joseph

    I would love to find a nice otter!!

  • hardmannyc

    I’m getting sick of bears. Aren’t they supposed to hibernate for half the year?

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Who knew this event also included gay films. The promo photo with the guy’s legs in the air caught my attention.

    Jayden Grey –

  • JohnPoke

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: I love how anything ‘hipster’ related is bullshit….

  • Daniel

    @Casper O: LGBT History month and several other gay websites list Basquiat as gay, if not bi.

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: While SXSW may have helped popularize “mumblecore”, the authenticity and high quality of artistic/cultural engagement at the festival seems infinitely more substantial than the usual “hipster bullshit” one finds on a “Jesus is my homeboy” t-shirt.

  • pucemoment

    It should be noted too, Christeene Vale’s (threedollarcinema.com) most recent filthy and hilarious music video is playing in the shorts programs.

  • Dave

    Basquiat wasn’t gay.

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