Part One...

The 20 Most Frightful Anti-Gay Activists

Monsters and ghouls roam this American land, friends. Some of the most frightening ghouls in history currently stalk our streets, looking for gay souls to squash and civil rights to crash. Since sequels always have more gore, we’re featuring some of the foulest, gnarliest anti-gay activists. And, as you can see, we’re starting with the most hellish homo-hater: Fred Phelps.

Who hasn’t had a nightmare about Fred Phelps, the frighteningly fertile granddaddy of the Westboro Baptist Church? With nine equally hateful children – four had the sense to leave his ugly cloud – Phelps has established his church as one of the most vile, controversial organizations in America. The crew’s known for singing such inane slogans as “God Hates Fags” and “AIDS Cures Gays”. They’ve also taken to picketing soldier’s deaths, because, apparently, God hates America. Also, the big G-man hates Sweden, too.

In a 1999 press release, Phelps’ WBC asserted: “It’s NOT OK to be gay. It will damn the soul, destroy the life, and doom any nation that tolerates such evil. God Hates Fags is a profound theological statement, which America needs more than it needs oxygen or bread.” Oxygen and sustenance are necessary to sustaining mammalia.

Perhaps that explains Phelps and company’s disdain for human dignity, compassion and rationality: they’re lizard people.

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  • Bryan

    Well that graphic is just… graphic and fantastic.

  • cjc

    Maybe they’re all so hateful because they’re all so goddamned ugly.

  • DavidDust

    He will be REALLY surpised when he goes straight to HELL after he dies……along with all us fags.

  • EdWoody

    It’s interesting how not a single one of these people (and I use that term loosely) has any rationalisation for their homophobia besides this supposed “God” character whose mind they claim to know. Take Him out of the equation, and there’s not a single valid reason to hate us in the bunch.

  • Bill Perdue

    It’s getting harder and harder to find distinctions between the dismal alliance of homobigoted popes, TV evangelists, Phelps, Slavic christians, jihadists, anglican archbishops and ‘real’ fascists.

    With the example of US armed and led Sunni and Shiite jihadists running down and butchering gays and lesbians in Iraq and the Iranian mullahs hanging boys by the score, they’re becoming emboldened with the idea of punishing us like they did in the good old days.

    From the Dark Ages until well into the 19th century, the world watched in horror as the awful meaning of the word ‘faggot’ was seared into peoples minds. One of the roman cult’s holiest observances is the Auto Da Fe (Act of the Faith). A calculated mix of pomp, solemnity, and edifying terror, it combines superstition with an early taste of hell.

    The ceremony began with a procession of victims, and sermonizing about their evil ways. To focus the attention of the faithful the victim’s faces were scorched. Then more torture and sermons and it finally ended when the victims were burned alive.

    Attendance was compulsory. During these gruesome rituals GLBT folk were murdered, because our lives were ‘sinful and offensive’. So were Jews, ‘witches’, i.e., midwives, heretics, rationalists, and the occasional family unlucky enough and rich enough to attract the notice of Inquisitors.

    In the light of burning faggots people clearly saw a brutal warning; think long and hard before testing the patience of Holy Mother the Church, Inc. These ruthless lessons were provided by cults drenched, then as now, in scandal and corruption.

  • Michel

    Afraid? Hell, I’m terrified! Shivering. Do, you, uh, think you could hold my hand? Thanks.

  • dizzyspins

    1. I love the design sensability on those placards. Its very DIY–almost Barbara Krueger-esque!

    2. Fred Phelps is a mentally unstable idiot–why do we (or anyone) still report on his rantings? Does the New York Post report on what the crazy homeless guy on the F train shouts as he craps himself?

  • Nikko

    Kill them…kill’em all

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    More than half of all AIDS diagnoses in the past several years in the United States have been made on the basis of a T-cell count and a “confirmed” positive antibody test – in other words, a deadly disease has been diagnosed over and over again on the basis of no clinical disease at all. And the leading cause of death in HIV-positives in the last few years has been liver failure, not an AIDS-defining disease in any way, but rather an acknowledged side effect of protease inhibitors, which asymptomatic individuals take in massive daily doses, for years.

  • Gregg

    HIV causes AIDS.

    Ignorance causes Mrs Patrick Campbell.

    A diminished T-cell count IS a clinical disease.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Not in our book, Miss R11.

  • Bobbi C

    It’s a shame none of these people can follow the ONLY requirement of them from their personal lord and savior. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Pathetic.

  • Matthew S

    He is poster child of why we need to keep these freaks and their vile beliefs out of government. For remember that today it is gay people tomorrow it is other religions, namely the Wiccans, and the non believers

  • Tom C

    Where are James Dobson and Elaine Donnelly?

  • GlasgowTallBoy

    Mrs. Patrick Campbell,

    Please, please don’t parrot the lines of HIV-denialists who still assert, to this day, that HIV does not cause AIDS. I don’t think you have any idea of the damage that your movement causes, or the sheer number of lives that your ranting cuts short, all predicated on a set of false assumptions undergirding a highly selective reading and misinterpretation of the data (and this is being charitable in the extreme)

    I was born and raised in South Africa. The current President of that country, Thabo Mbeki, has embarrassed both the country and his office by refusing to acknowledge that HIV causes AIDS, even as hundreds of thousands of his fellow African citizens die horrible deaths, resulting when the immune systems of these men and women collapse under the onslaught of literally billions of viral particles attacking the cores of each infected persons’ immune system literally each and every day. The numbers continue to climb as men, women, and children continue to die. In early September 2006, at the International Conference on AIDS hosted in Toronto, South Africa’s Minister of Health, Dr. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, was met with boos and hoots of derision when she denounced the role of antiretroviral drugs in the treatment of AIDS, and instead made the claim that a diet of African potatoes, garlic, lemon, and beetroot could keep the disease under control. When confronted with criticism of his handling of HIV / AIDS treatments, Mbeki insists that his detractors are all “racists” and that “traditional African medicine” is as effective, if not more so, than established, highly effective modern treatment regimens.

    To quote from a letter signed by more than 60 internationally acclaimed scientists who have worked in the field of HIV research and who struggle, every day, to find better and more effective drugs to bring this plague under control: “To deny that HIV causes AIDS is farcical in the face of the scientific evidence; to promote ineffective, immoral policies on HIV/AIDS endangers lives; to have as health minister a person who now has no international respect is an embarrassment to the South African government. We therefore call for the immediate removal of Dr Tshabalala-Msimang as minister of health, and for an end to the disastrous, pseudo-scientific policies that have characterized the South African government’s response to HIV/AIDS.”

    Don’t respond to concerns of this nature by calling me a “racist.” That won’t work – at least, not on me. I am gay and I had the good fortune to come to the US at a time when scientists were beginning to understand how AIDS was transmitted and how HIV incapacitates the human immune system. Nevertheless, I lost a person who I loved very dearly to this plague, and to be confronted with this rubbish on a message thread such as this is almost too sickening to stomach.


  • SyrenaV

    There’s a trend here: a lot of these people have a stupid number of kids. When you have more than four children–I lived through this. I know.–it is not possible to see them as individuals. They are merely a group, with sections, perhaps, that you are teaching your values and sending into the next generation. These people are having veritable litters on purpose so they can spread their insanity even farther! (By the way: a good song to describe these people is “Insanity” by Oingo Boingo. It’s got some scary parallels.)

  • revtj

    No, the most frightful anti-gay people are the moderates and those willing to slice transgender people to get their own rights secured. They are the same dangerous crowd MLK complained about in his Letter From a Birmingham Jail. Everybody knows where Phelps stands and he has the 1st amendment right to stand there, like it or not. But the 100s of churches and gay groups who live out a dont-ask-dont-tell policy in sublime ways in their organizations are hurting us now more than any deranged bigots ever could.

  • sfseeker

    A suggestion for action: Know thine enemy/strike from within. I sign up for/join the mailing lists of every one of these hateful whack-job groups I find.
    It not only gives them a false sense of security in the number of their supporters, getting on a postal mailing list hits them where it might hurt the most: their bank account. (As for email lists- that’s what your spam filters are for. Unless you actually want to read their crap to either: ruin your day or keep abreast of what they’re up to.)
    p.s. Personal note: I encountered Phelps and his bunch (all 10 of them) during the March On Washington way back in 1993. It remains the only time in my life I’ve come face-to-face with pure evil. And I was terrified. And very very sad.
    Goodness will prevail, eventually. It has to.

  • Keith

    Dear Glasgow Tallboy –

    It is not worth your time and words to try to convince “Mrs. Patrick Campbell”. You are trying to explain logibally to someone who is illogical! “Mrs. Patrck Campbell” show shows the worst of Americans by her written word.

  • Keith

    Sorry – meant to write “logically” not “logibally” – mistyped!

  • georgie

    This man is a fucking disgrace. he should be shot along with every other anti-gay loser. there is so many bigger things in life than whether someone chooses to like men or women…get over it for fucks sake get your head screwed on straight and get your priorities right. these activists can go straight to hell as far as im concerned they make the world that much worse a place to live in.

  • Tony P

    I can’t believe that she can’t form a coherent sentence.

    I love the way they try to correlate natural disasters with God. Sorry Cupcake but God had nothing to do with the plagues, floods, etc.

    The Bible just tried to explain those things because they made no sense to those affected by it. Of course now we know that plagues are caused by bacteria or viruses, that floods are due to several factors, and the list goes on.

    If you want to live the simple life, go to your Bible. Of course I’d like them to read the ENTIRE book, not just the Pentateuch. Once they’ve read it I’d like to quiz them.

    Hell, half the religious assholes can’t name even four of the commandments.

  • zeami99

    well done Queerty

  • daniel11211

    god – I feel so sorry for this guy- he’s obviously in pain about his mother, and angry for serioconverting. He looks like he needs a huge cry. We’re not christian necessarily, but we should forgive this guy cause he’s operating out of fear

  • Vger

    Re the early comment that the Phelps monster will go straight to hell, “along with all us fags.” It should be noted that the difference will be that when HE gets there, he WON’T be invited to all the best PARTIES!

    (I’m an agnostic, so this was just too good to pass up…)

  • johnozed

    So how did a loving god let him get beaten up everyday by his mom? lol.

  • Robert Selleck

    My only questions to any homosexual persons listening: Do you believe in the continuation of the human species? If so, then how can you condone the continuation of homosexuality, since man/man or woman/woman cannot reproduce? Maybe all homosexuals should simply be placed in their own country somewhere, with no interference/contact from the “straight” world, (which is what they say they want and deserve in their own words) and then in, oh, a hundred years or so the homosexual world will be no longer. Can someone answer that “sensibly?”

  • Tony Allen

    Robert Selleck – Yes, I can answer your question sensibly, parsay the country you mentioned was feasible, not that it in any way is due to amendment right violations unheard, there would still be development of homosexuals in the ‘straight’ world as you knew it. It is just something that happens, like when people are born physically attached to their twin, or born with both sets of genatalia. You would constantly have to ship off the new batches of homosexuals to this country… so if you can explain to me why you think it might be different, I’d be interested to hear it, this altogether detracts from the original topic of this page.

    Fred Phelps is an ignorant baptist pig, having said that, I agree with him fully and completely, if he indeed determines to conjure up how he thinks the bible should be seen, he is quite right. This ‘convenient christ’ figure that I refer to as the loving god, or the forgiving god, is something that religious groups have used/created to make them feel better about their daily lives and how they go about living. I think if some is going to interpret the bible, they should in fact do it the way it is meant to be, prejudice, harsh, and honest. No sweet talking or sugar coating it.

  • tom

    yes ma…did you ever go to the deli and order some sliced deli meats? Frequently, the deli meat is in a roll that is then sliced for your order. The deli meat is in a “casing”. The casing is sometimes some edible rubbery stuff. Anywayz, one day after eating some fresh deli meats, I had an upset stomach. I went to take a crap and noticed something ticklish in my butthole. I pulled on it with my two fingers. Basically, it was like pulling a ribbon out of my ass. The deli casing was undigested by my gut. It was like a paper string covered with feces. Hope you like this posting!Note – The cheapest option is shaving your head with an actual net saving due to no expense for shampoos, conditioners, combs, brushes, or hair stylist. Of course, with this option you get no hair. Note: My Feet smell like rotting garbage in the summertime. Also, after intercourse, we throw each other’s underwear at each other in reward for a job well done. In college, there was a girl known as the “Shitter”. During anal intercourse, she shat all over the sheets. It was a mix of b.m. and blood. Apparently, during anal penetration she bled. That’s how AIDS gets transmitted, so I’m told. A variety of shit comes out of different assholes. I get boners for men. Waxmen. Waxwings. Earwig. Only For The Weak.

  • Kenny Canry

    United we stand
    Divided we fall
    Isn’t that right?

    That’s the motto
    The motto of this place
    The place where people are killed
    Innocent children put in danger
    People injured and mourning
    Jobs lost, wages lessened,
    People yelling out of cars
    Others hurt and dying
    Simply because of their race

    United we stand
    Divided we fall
    Isn’t that right?

    The heavy burden
    Of suppression
    Weighs upon us.
    Not being allowed
    To be who we want to be
    To love who we want to love
    Silence will kill us
    But being out
    Might kill us too.
    Hurt and loss and blood
    Simply because of
    Sexual orientation and gender identity

    United we stand
    Divided we fall
    Isn’t that right?

    We know the stares we get
    Don’t think we don’t see them
    We aren’t treated as equals
    Can’t you see we’re the same as you?
    We are hurt to the bone
    By the looks you give us
    Just because we don’t move like you
    And if we cant see them,
    We can certainly feel them
    For once,
    Treat us like
    The human beings we are.

    United we stand
    Divided we fall
    Isn’t that right?

    Hate affects us all
    No matter what you do
    Hate is the thing
    That brings you and me and every person down.
    Differences are not frightening
    Nor are they dangerous
    They should not be hated

    We are divided
    We will fall
    If hate is not countered.

  • sam

    yes kill all FAGS….God hates FAGS…..

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