The 2010 Prop 8 Repeal Ain’t Gonna Happen

And so much for that: The effort to put a Prop 8 repeal on the 2010 ballot, instead of waiting until 2012 as much of Gay Inc. has insisted on, failed to collect the necessary 700,000-ish signatures to qualify. And not that groups like Equality California are celebrating the disappointment of Sean Bohac’s Restore Equality 2010 (a consortium of 40 groups, including Love Honor Cherish) to reach its goal, but c’mon, now they get to say “Toldja!”

One thing not mentioned by either Restore Equality 2010 or Love Honor Cherish? How many signatures they did collect. We’d like that number, please.

1 Group Just Decided to Wait Until 2012 to Repeal Prop 8. Another Just Decided 2010 Sounds Good