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The 3 Girls Who Tried Throwing Cheyenne Williams Off a Cliff: Not a Hate Crime?

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It’s still a big freakin’ mystery figuring out what, exactly, happened to Kentucky’s Cheyenne Williams, who was attacked by three classmates, who she’s known since sixth grade and was supposedly friends with, and who allegedly tried pushing her off a cliff. That the attack happened on National Coming Out Day raises concerns about whether the assault had to do with Williams’ sexuality (she’s been out for years, reports say) — or, the new theory from police, it was just a prank that went too far. Uh….?

We weren’t there. We don’t know what happened. But a “prank gone too far” seems like a terribly easy way to explain all this.

Williams’ mother says her daughter is staying home from school for the rest of the year; she has enough credits to graduate, and even if the three girls are suspended or expelled, their friends will still be walking the hallways every day, giving Cheyenne reason to be fearful.

Oh, here’s Flat Lick Falls, where the incident took place: