The 30 Hottest Male Celebrities Steaming Up Instagram

Below, the most beautiful gay and straight men you need to immediately follow on Instagram.

Don’t have an Instagram? Just scroll down and we’re sure you’ll be signing up in no time…

Brad Goreski – 198,685 followers

Style icon Brad Goreski’s page will make you want to be a better gay man. Travel, style, celebrities, a cute husband and a body to die for. This is what Instagram was made for.

Jake Shears – 34,077 followers

Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears is into everything from pits to pups. You should be too.

Tom Daley – 987,790 followers

You can’t claim to be a gay man on Instagram if you’re not following Tom Daley. The out Olympic diver posts everything from behind-the-scenes exclusives to romantic selfies with boyfriend DLB; just no ass.

Harry Louis – 75,084 followers

Marc Jacobs’ former porn star boyfriend is no stranger to stripping down in front of the camera, so his Instagram feed is littered with the kind of bikini shots and bedtime photos other people are too prude to post.

Dan Osborne – 77,328 followers

The hunky British reality star caught our interest when he started diving opposite Tom Daley on the UK’s Splash, but snagged a permanent spot in our hearts by being a great gay ally. He posts everything from shots of his new baby to fully-nude selfies.

Alex Minsky – 52,666 followers

Former Marine-turned-underwear model Alex Minsky has a big heart and an even bigger package. He doesn’t seem to own many shirts, which is totally fine by us.

Jack Laugher – 44,939 followers

The Olympic diving twink voted to have the best ass of Team GB has a feed rivaled only by his best bud Tom Daley. He’s insanely hot, totally compact, and unfortunately, very straight 🙁

Firass Dirani – 32,016 followers

What’s more exotic than a Lebanese Australian Power Ranger? If Dirani’s perfect face and body don’t have you sold, his stunning side boob will.

Max Carver & Charlie Carver – 112,354 followers combined

Teen Wolf twin beauties Charlie and Max Carver are both equally worth following — we highly recommend checking out both to double your daily pleasure.

Eliad Cohen – 73,608

He may not be a proper celebrity, but international event promoter Eliad Cohen has a pretty sizable fan base that rivals some of the other dudes here. Follow him if you love parties, men, and life in general.

Pavel Petel – 15,475 followers

The man that’s become synonymous with LGBT Russia is a mixed bag — he’ll post anything from high drag to gym selfies and make sure you’re always smiling.

Jesse Williams – 206,902 followers

Expect lots of food and shoes if you’re following Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams. He doesn’t upload selfies often, but when he does, it’s so worth it.

Joe Jonas – 852,463 followers

The hottest Jonas Brother may not have the arms of a god, but he does have a good eye for fashion and a penchant for traveling.

Colton Haynes – 985,976 followers

Teen Wolf darling Colton Haynes was caught making out with an alleged ex-boyfriend in a series of professional and amateur photos years ago, but his lawyers sure don’t want you to remember! Before the rest inevitably leak, we’re cool with the adorable posts and hilarious videos here.

Taylor Lautner – 623,944 followers

Taylor’s page is run by his “team,” so all you’re going to get are promotional photos and movie stills. But hey, we’re not complaining.

Zac Efron1,573,323 followers

Zac mainly uses his page to promote his work, which isn’t so bad when work makes him take his shirt off.

Anton Hysén – 43,055 followers

This Swedish soccer stud just became the second openly gay player in an American soccer league. He’s not into Robbie Rogers, but he’s definitely into selfies.

Colin Kaepernick – 1,076,994 followers

The 49ers quarterback who’s totally down with gays is totally hot on Instagram.

Blake Skjellerup – 3,897 followers

The out Olympic skater who proudly wore rainbow to the 2014 Sochi Olympics isn’t afraid to show off his body. Again, and again, and again

Cristiano Ronaldo – 3,999,700 followers

A Portuguese footballer with his own underwear line. Need we say more?

Scott Eastwood – 44,420 followers

We knew Clint Eastwood’s son was hot for some time now, but we didn’t realize he was this hot until we started obsessing over his oft-shirtless Instagram posts.

Darryl Stephens – 9,665 followers

The Noah’s Arc star mostly hangs with friends on Instragram, so it’s the occasional behind-the-scenes photo and #landscapeporn that keep us coming back.

Terry Miller – 13,167 followers

Dan Savage’s leather queen hubby is the furthest thing from shy — he’s constantly sharing photos from his illustrious new swimwear modeling career, and Dan Savage really doesn’t mind you looking.

Robbie Rogers – 28,568 followers

The first openly gay American soccer player is also a dapper gentleman, a dog lover, and a proud gay uncle.

Russell Tovey – 30,481 followers

It’s safe to say Looking‘s Russell Tovey operates his Instagram account for two people: Himself and his adorable French Bulldog, Rocky. They sleep together, run errands together, and ride the train together. They’re perfect.

Nico Tortorella – 12,201 followers

Male model-turned-actor Nico Tortorella is covered with hair and loves showing it off. We’re here for the torso shots too.

Harry Shum Jr. – 322,810 followers

Glee‘s Harry Shum Jr. is an artsy dude that can dance. He reserves his Insta-space for art projects, dance videos, and a nice sprinkling of adorable selfies.

Ricky Martin – 529,486 followers

The 42-year-old Latin babe is addicted to Instagram — you can count on multiple daily uploads offering everything from life updates to exclusive behind-the-scenes access.

Anderson Cooper – 351,093 followers

Consider the quintessential silver fox’s account a professional name-dropping service. He posts the occasional cutesy photo, but mostly uses it as a star-studded selfie feed.