The 30 Hottest Tom Daley Photos Never Before Seen On Queerty

tom-daley-middle-fingerYou have spoken, loyal Queerty readers, and we’ve been listening!

There are not nearly enough shirtless or almost-nude photos of Tom Daley appearing on Queerty regularly. Scrolling through the comment section of any Queerty post delivering Tom Daley news (take your pick!), it’s clear that if there is one thing this site lacks, it is an abundance of photos of Tom Daley.

So, this one’s for you, extended Queerty fam! Thirty of the most jaw-dropping, boner-popping, and downright adorable photos (and gifs!) of diving twink Tom Daley that have never before been uploaded to the Queerty servers. Behold!

As always, feel free to show your appreciation and desire for even more Tom Daley coverage in the comments below!































You’re welcome!


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  • unbiasedparrot


    He’s gorgeous

  • Tackle

    Queerty has every right to post about Tom, and should. Because apparently, it’s what people want. But even if you post 100 pictures of this guy, (I) still don’t thinkh he’s hot. Average looks and body, and too boyish looking for (my) taste. I think the main appeal of his so-called hotness is the fact that he’s young.

  • crowebobby

    @Tackle: Hence the expression: “There’s no substitute for youth.”

  • Stache99

    I think this appeals to people like the Rupaul guy on the list here.

  • jwrappaport

    He has a great bod, no surprises there, but I don’t otherwise get the hype.

  • nokkonwud

    Wow…I never knew Queerty was frequented by supermodels who felt they had the right to critique the looks of famous, hot young guys.

  • Stache99

    @nokkonwud: Maybe. Who knows. We sure know it’s got the TD fan boys with their claws out apparently though.


    He’s cute, maybe because he is young and in good shape. Guys sure seem to like him, but it’s only really important that this one particular guy seems nuts about him. He must have really good contact lenses, because those regular specs are THICK. He must be as blind as me.

  • Daveliam


  • odawg

    Does his pr team pay this site to post pictures and stories EVERY week?

  • Lazycrockett

    God I love how this site handles the Tom Daley haters.

    More More More.

  • Alan down in Florida

    How can you look at that smile and not wish it were for you?

  • Daveliam

    @odawg: No. It’s one sad fanboy who keeps spamming the site with these “articles”. He knows that people don’t want them, so now he thinks he’s being clever by being sarcastically metacognitive about it in the “articles” themselves. And, when people criticize him for doing so, he thanks them and links to more “articles”.

    It’s incredibly douchey and immature and it’s driving people away from the site. But, like a typical douchey millenial, he’d rather be a sarcastic, rude prick than actually give people what they want. Great business sense…..

  • samwise343

    I don’t mind that Queerty constantly post pics of Tom Daley for two reasons. 1. Tom IS hot. 2. If I ran Queerty it wouldn’t be Tom Daley’s pics. It would be Henry Cavill’s. And I would never stop posting Henry’s pics. Ever.

  • xzall

    @Daveliam: I love these posts about TD just for the comments. It’s amusing how everyone gets so charged up. I doubt they’re losing or driving people away.(I checked )

    It’s very easy not to click on a story about tom Daily. It’s not like they have a trick headline as his name is right there in bold letters so I feel sorry for no one who clicked on this story.

    But please, continue your outrage and keep us all entertained.

  • xzall

    OOps, I meant to spell it Daley although Queerty probably would post a Tom Daley post Daily if they could get away with it.

  • ingyaom

    Why don’t we let th8is cute little boy fade away and then check in with him again when he’s all grown up?

  • Alton

    Isn’t there ANY way to get the knots out of your panties?

  • Superman

  • sejjo

    What have the internet-using members of humanity done to deserve this? We must have done something so right! Keep ’em coming Queerty, not nearly enough!

  • Superman

    Hot boy! Love the hairy legs and the sexy feets.

  • Superman

  • Blackceo


    I don’t recall anyone asking for any “sorrys”. Its kind of the rule of thumb on any blog that you are going to have a mix of positive and negative comments for these kinds of entries so just because we happen to not agree on the appeal of Tom Daley doesn’t mean we are “outraged” Please don’t flatter yourself.

  • iban4yesu

    Yes, for once, too much of a good thing IS wonderful! Need more of Tom, now!!!!! ;-p

  • toberlin

    :)too good to read it just once…

  • goodtogo

    Unlike most of the hunks whose photos are posted here for us to drool over, Tom is one of us.

  • Billy Budd

    I think he is very cute and I would definitely want to fuck him. My favorite photo is the one with suit and vest.

  • dannyboi2

    Mega Cute tease, love his quirky personality, and he’s so adorable. I’d love a serious male photographer get a hold of him and then watch them haters change their tune. He’s got the Perfect tight divers body I know I’d have fun with. Oh Yes!

  • briguy

    He is okay from the neck down. , I prefer guys that have both an upper lip and bottom lip ! Nothing special that I can see !!!

  • Sohobod

    Makes you proud to be British.

  • BartmanLA

    @PARKAVMAN: Actually he was making a video with Splash! contestant Peri Keily who wears those thick glasses and he was trying them on, hence the gif of him wearing them. Tom doesn’t wear prescription glasses at all I don’t think. He wears tons of sunglasses though all styles and looks. His Documentary of his travels around the world with his BFF Sophie was brilliant!

  • DK

    Has there ever been a more average looking guy passed off as hot?

  • DarkZephyr

    Love me some Tom Daley. <3

    @DK: Ahem. I was all set you be angry with you for not liking TD but then I looked at your blog and I find that you are far too likeable to be angry at. Anyway, awesome blog DK.

  • UWSguy

    thanks Queerty love the Tom pics anytime

  • scace

    Sorry for those who aren’t TD fans, but I must say, that seeing the smiling, shirtless face of Tom, never fails to make me feel better about the world – and especially our British cousins. Keep up the great work. We’ll keep reading and watching Queerty! Cheers!

  • DK

    @UWSguy: @scace: It’s a little sad when a website’s editors have to resort to trolling their own website.

    Could you stop using my buddy’s picture at least?


    @ingyaom: Maybe because he is a brave kid who had the balls to come out in the prime of his career, rather than the end of it. He is a role model for a gazillion Gay teens who see a young guy can come out and still have a career.

    Guarantee the BOQB* who come out in force on every Tom Daly thread most likely don’t have a tenth of the courage he has…………

    *bitter old queen brigade :p

  • esemple

    Thank you Queerty for the fantastic pictures.

  • Jerry12

    I wonder how many of the detractors look half as good as he does?

  • fantastic4

    he is a cute guy…but looks sexy without clothes….and more boyish with clothes

  • jwtraveler

    For or against, Tom clearly still evokes a strong reaction on Queerty. I know he’s overexposed and some people are sick of him, but I still think he’s cute as hell. He’s got a hot little body, but it’s the smile that melts me.

  • lefawzi

    My fellow Americans, I am hard as rock now. He and Dustin, gorgeous couple.

  • lefawzi

    yep yep yep

  • Atrius

    Love him in that awesome suit.

  • stanhope

    @Tackle: @Tackle: @Tackle: @Tackle: i don’t get the great interest in him either but to say average body is just wrong. Average face….for sure. Hard to imagine him as a top but, having seen the infamous Dustin bareback video, the kid must be putting it down lol

  • frankcar1965

    Bunch of sad old Queers. You rage on about the pics then make sure you comment ensuring that everyone knows you looked. Nasty old queens, you all probably look like Quasimodo in drag, no wonder you are bitter.

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