Four reasons you’ve gotten over twincest (and started thinking it’s hot)

Twincest: Twin brothers young sensual serious with bare chest in jeans pose outdoor

Twincest is nothing new, defined as “incest between any set of multiple birth siblings” on good ol’ Urban Dictionary. But while human beings, straight or gay, have always found twins hot, actually seeing two brothers blow loads on each other’s faces, and then kiss, is something else entirely. Speaking of…remember Elijah and Milo Peters: aka the Bel Ami porn twins?

They were the hard-bodied Czechs who didn’t just have oral and bareback anal sex on camera. The brothers claimed to be real-life lovers. Apparently, the brothers started their physical relationship when they were just 15 years old. But a kinky, cuckoo rollercoaster ride of events, like their parents finding out (they weren’t pleased), rising to porn stardom, and their eventual retirement and creation of their own website (NSFW), lead to mainstream outlets like Salon covering the rise of twincest.

So what makes twincest not just increasingly less taboo, but also so hot? Here’s four freaky facts you’ll find fun:

4) The biological risks are eliminated

We all know biology’s quirks prevent two human dudes from making a baby. So, when twin brothers decide to become a couple, we can happily toss out any worries about “kissing cousin” complications at birth – no missing fingers here! That age-old reason why brothers, sisters, or even cousins shouldn’t engage in romantic dalliances simply doesn’t apply when it’s two related men or women involved. It’s all a bit unconventional, but also refreshingly free from the “ewwww” factor.

3) The fucked-up love story

This aspect of the Peters’ relationship can either be seen as endearing or, well, a bit out there, depending on your perspective. But if you’ve read this far, chances are you might lean toward the former. Unlike some other twincest pairs, such as Jirka and Karol Bartok, who ventured into on-camera intimacy solely for financial reasons and then made a quick exit, Elijah and Milo, along with Bel Ami, maintain that they’re deeply committed to a loving relationship. They emphasize that when the cameras aren’t rolling, they don’t engage in intimate encounters with anyone else.

The adult entertainment industry has evolved, shifting from highly produced films to more amateur-style content featuring real, college-aged guys, many of them straight. The Peters Twins’ videos offer something different. Not just a simulated fantasy; but a documentary-style glimpse into their intimate moments. This invites viewers to join them in the bedroom, as if it were a natural part of their real lives. You little voyeur!

2) They’re hot

Let’s not kid ourselves here; when it comes to the Bel Ami twins, this isn’t your typical sibling encounter. What we have are two exceptionally well-built men, who are both very well-endowed, engaging in intimate activities. In our looks-focused society, this chat would shift if they were less conventionally attractive twins.

Remember the McPoyle’s from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Their bloodline’s been pure for a thousand years – but we don’t find them sexy. Still, remember, being attractive doesn’t erase the complexities in their unique relationship.

1) It’s so wrong, it’s right

Even if you own a collection of Bel Ami DVDs (no judgment here), openly admitting you’d get it on with your identical twin (even if you have one!) probably isn’t in your repertoire. We can chatter endlessly about the erotic allure of twin brothers entwined, but let’s face it, that’s some next-level mind-boggling stuff. And isn’t that what porn often is for many folks? An escape into the wildest fantasies. So wrong, it must be right!

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