The 4 Reasons You’ve Gotten Over Twincest (And Started Thinking It’s Hot)

We’ve covered Elijah and Milo Peters — the Bel Ami porn twins — before. They are the 19-year-old hard bodied Czechs who don’t just have oral and bareback anal sex on camera; they claim to be real-life lovers, having started their phyiscal relationship when they were 15. But now their porn stardom means even their parents have found out (they weren’t pleased) and mainstream outlets like Salon are covering the rise of twincest. (The Peters Twins are being joined in what’s likely to be a burgeoning porn market.) But while human beings, straight or gay, have always found twins hot, actually seeing two brothers ejaculate on each other’s faces, and then kiss, is something else entirely. So what makes twincest not just increasingly less taboo, but also so hot to so many?

4) The biological risks are eliminated. We all know two dudes can’t make a baby, so when two twin brothers get together, we can throw out the possibility of Down syndrome, cleft palettes, and missing fingers. What we’re told is the reason why brothers and sisters, or even cousins, shouldn’t have sex just doesn’t apply with two related men or women. This makes it that much more “okay,” and your interest in the material less “ewwww”-y.

3) The love story. This aspect of the Peters’ relationship either makes this endearing or disgusting, but if you’ve made it this far, you’ll probably say it’s the former. While other twincest pairs like Jirka and Karol Bartok had sex on camera just for the money and quickly exited the marketplace, Elijah and Milo (and Bel Ami) insist they’re in a serious, loving relationship, and that they don’t have sex with anyone else when the cameras aren’t rolling. If you’re abreast of certain porn trends, you’ll know that the market is moving away from slickly produced flicks toward amateur offerings like and, which profess to offer real college-ish guys, many of the them straight. Their character profiles are robust; they’re scenes’ intro copy descriptive. With the Peters Twins’ videos, we have what’s supposedly not just a facsimile of a fantasy, but a documentary-style invitation to join them in the bedroom where they’d be doing this anyway.

2) They’re hot. Let’s not pretend we’re watching any two brothers have sex with each other. We’re watching two very attractive, lean, and muscular men with beautiful penises get it on. (That they could use some Proactiv is your prerogative.) This would be a very different conversation if we were dealing with ugly twins.

1) It’s still forbidden. Even if you’ll admit to buying the Bel Ami DVDs, you probably would never say that, if you had an identical twin (and maybe you do!) you’d have sex with him. We can talk endlessly about how erotic it is to think about twin brothers laying down together, but it remains the ultimate mind fuck, and that’s often what porn is to many: an escape to the ultimate fantasy. That it’s so wrong makes it so right — if you swing that way.