The 40-Year-Old Fag Hag

Think nothing is worse than a 40-year-old virgin? Wrong. Mindy Cohn, the all grown up Facts Of Life star, headlines Violet Tendencies, a film exposing the conspiracy that men keep straight women around as commodities. Do not let heterosexual audiences see this film!

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  • Jack

    Actually looks pretty good…I’d go see that!

  • Thomas Vinson

    That looks fucking amazballs!

  • ggreen

    Oh yea, more like this!

  • Cam

    That looks hilarious! And hey, nice to see Natalie from “FActs of Life” getting some play. lol

  • Shade

    Yay the return of Natalie!

  • CHIP1218

    that looks like a really enjoyable movie…shame it will only play in a handful of theatres

  • Troy

    I should have known I was gay when my “Facts of Life” crush was Natalie, the funny one!

  • J. Clarence

    That was a funny trailer, and it looks like a good movie. So many women I know this applies to.

  • fredo777

    that samuel whitten is sexy as hell.

  • Mike L.

    “You want my eight inches?”

    “What, are you gonna fck me twice?”


    I’M so gonna watch this :D

  • AmberV

    I’m definitely seeing this!!!!!!!

  • Rasa

    She’s wonderful! So adorable!

  • james p. p.

    it was funny because just this weekend we were noticing a group of girls who were basically comparing their homo accessories… like actually comparing their gay BFF’s – it was so… degrading.

    ANYWAY, this looks funny. will def. see it.

  • scott ny'er

    @Mike L.: I’m sooooooo slow. It took me a bit to understand it. I think I was distracted by the hot dudes and how hot they looked getting it on.

    This DOES actually look pretty good and I WOULD actually go see this.

  • The Artist

    Looks like fun! PEACELUVNBWILD!

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