The 5 Gayest Moments From “SNL’s” Xmas Episode

Saturday Night Live went out with a big, old gay bang this weekend with alum Jimmy Fallon and beloved song-and-dance man Justin Timberlake sharing hosting duties. Maybe the writing staff was feeling holly-jolly at the prospect of not having to get high work for the rest of the year because a number of the episode’s skits were draped in a rainbow shtick. Check out the 5 gayest moments below:

5. Jane Lynch on Family Feud


Future national treasure Kate McKinnon is the go-to out lesbian for other out lesbians and in her first of two iconic lez-personations, she took on current national treasure Jane Lynch, nailing her Lynchitudes. Her Janeisms, if you will.

4. “A very skilled deck-sacker”


During the “Bring it on Down to Wrappenville” sketch, JT praised Fallon’s deck-sacking skills. What? He had a deck of cards that needed sacking. Meanwhile, let’s not forget to give Aidy Bryant her tens (“I’ve been divorced for seven years so I haven’t sacked a deck in a long time”).

3. Madonna on The Barry Gibb Talk Show


Madonna apparently stumbled onto the set of SNL a few minutes before it went to air, demanded a few lines that she insisted on coming up with on the fly, and then brandished her grill before the actual Barry Gibb showed up to lend his falsetto. Really thought Madge was going to jump up there and start Travolta-ing all over the place, though.

2. “Weekend Update”: Billie Jean King

Kate McKinnon is perfect:

billie-jean-1-snlbillie-jean-snl-2billie-jean-snl-3That is all.

1. The Ghost of Christmas ‘Who Are You Kidding?’

While Jimmy Fallon’s “gay voice” is seconds away from being considered a hate crime, this skit is redeemed by the Ghost of Christmas Past warning that queen Ebenezer Scrooge that if he had just been true to himself he wouldn’t have ended up a bitter, old queen with nothing but his money to keep him warm. That is, until the Ghost of Christmas Present rolls out of the gutter (or and offers to keep Scrooge (and his money) company.

And a special tip of the hat to future club classic, “(Do It On My) Twin Bed”: