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The 5 Things London Pride Is Doing to Outshine Your City

Some British blokes invited Queerty contributor Daniel Villarreal to walk in the London Pride parade over the weekend. He’s going to share part of his adventure with you for the tax write-off.

Even though I’m a proud Dallas native, I have to admit that our Pride parade ain’t all that. A thousand some-odd folks stand in the face-melting heat to watch a bunch of queers mosey down Dallas’ gay strip into the nearby park? It’s fun (especially if you’re a Christian protester), but it cannot hold a candle to London Pride’s supernovic brilliance. In fact, I’d wager a shilling that London Pride puts your city’s celebration to shame (and I’m not just saying that because they let me march at the front of the parade). After seeing it for myself, I figured out five ways that London Pride kicks your Pride’s ass… not that it’s a competition, ya slag.

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  • Tallskin

    Yep, London is the gay capital of Europe (and half the gay population of Europe is actually living here, as well as half the gay populations from Brazil and other South American countries), so you’d expect it to be massive.

    Only thing is, Pride used to be a massive march and then a huge celebration in one of London’s parks, but the park part has been dropped nowadays, which is a shame.

  • Joseph

    Come to Toronto, you’ll get everything you mentined in this post minus the crazies. I don’t think any nut jobs protest our pride celebrations!

  • Becky

    Pride was amazing, I was next to the barrier in Piccadilly Circus and everyone seemed to be having a great time ^^

  • Lamar

    Personally, I’d say that Amsterdam (Holland) or Stockholm (Sweden) deserve the title of Gay capital of Europe. There is rampant homophobia against gays in London whereas in the capitals mentioned above crime against gays in considerably lower as tolerance there is more common. People should consider the levels of homophobia and transphobia in their cities before declaring them to be a gay capital. Having said that I think it is great that London has 2 gay villages though.

  • DX


    “Yep, London is the gay capital of Europe (and half the gay population of Europe is actually living here, as well as half the gay populations from Brazil and other South American countries)”

    Let’s not get silly now.

  • Dave

    This kinda sounds like Pride in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Sydney or even Sao Paulo…

  • Kevin

    all 5 of these could be said about Toronto’s Pride

  • Hugo Quezel Poirier

    This story is a non-story.

    As said up there , Toronto has the same thing .

    And we have the same thing in Montreal as well minus the crazy.

  • David

    Our Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade makes the pom’s parade a yawn.

  • Caspar

    @Lamar: Rampant homophobia?! I don’t think so. The reason the occasional homophobic attack is highlighted in the media so heavily is exactly because it’s not hugely common these days. I don’t think we should get complacent and think it’s completley gone, but I hold my boyfriends hand all over London and rarely even get a second glance from a passer by, and I literally can’t remember the last time anyone actually said anything.

    I think the fact the mayor has gone from writing homophobic idiocies (pretty much as an attention getting thing, i don’t think he was ever being very serious in his writings) to championing gay rights and speaking up for gay marriage shows how far we’ve come since the 80s.

    Peter Tatchell deserves a mention, just for working so hard, for so long, for us all. Some people find him a bit much, but I’m incredibly grateful for all his work and I’m glad he’s still part of the community and not resting on his laurels.

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