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The 5 Things London Pride Is Doing to Outshine Your City

Some British blokes invited Queerty contributor Daniel Villarreal to walk in the London Pride parade over the weekend. He’s going to share part of his adventure with you for the tax write-off.

Even though I’m a proud Dallas native, I have to admit that our Pride parade ain’t all that. A thousand some-odd folks stand in the face-melting heat to watch a bunch of queers mosey down Dallas’ gay strip into the nearby park? It’s fun (especially if you’re a Christian protester), but it cannot hold a candle to London Pride’s supernovic brilliance. In fact, I’d wager a shilling that London Pride puts your city’s celebration to shame (and I’m not just saying that because they let me march at the front of the parade). After seeing it for myself, I figured out five ways that London Pride kicks your Pride’s ass… not that it’s a competition, ya slag.