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The 5 Worst Craigslist M4M Crime Stories


WTF HAPPENED?: When WABC Radio Reporter George Weber posted an ad looking for “violent sex”, he met Satanic 16-year-old knife fetishist John Katehis. Weber wanted to pay Katehis $60 to smother him with a pillow. But instead, Katehis tied Weber’s ankles with duct tape and stabbed Weber 50 times in the neck and body.

LESSONS LEARNED: If Weber had checked out Katehis’ MySpace page before inviting him over, he might have seen his creepy-ass knife collection and friendly warning, “If you disrespect me then I will fucking break your neck.”

And remember, statuatory rape laws exist for the good of both children and adults. Sixteen-year-olds make horrible lovers, under any circumstances.