Bearded Ladies

The 6 Best Queens You Won’t See on Drag Race


As much as we love our Drag Race, we can’t help but get a little tired of the same flawless beauties, gussying it up to make the mainstream judges believe that they are, indeed, the most crown-worthy cows of them all.

But what of the Queens whom we know and love for their imperfections? The messy queens with stubble who, night after night, provide us with the inspiration to laugh at them, ourselves, and our culture. They won’t show up on Drag Race anytime soon, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here at Queerty, we take men in ill-fitting attire and bad makeup as seriously those blessed with the beauty of Aphrodite! Here’s our list of the top drag performers who don’t need RuPaul‘s approval.

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  • Riker

    I like Lady Bear, but the rest of them were just a hot mess. Why not show some real queens with charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent? I could name so many just in the New York drag scene alone that are severely underrated and could use some publicity.

  • m

    There are so many queens that could be included, but they sadly can’t name them all! My bid goes out to Hoku Mama Swamp

  • pickles

    I agree, the RDR show has some well-honed showgirls, yet the real tooth, the inventiveness of the drag movement is much better documented in your collection and beyond. Big credit goes to the SF scene. None tops it (sorry NY). WIth the veterans like Vicki Marlane and Collette Le Grand, Gina La Divina- that’s some rich sparkle. Add in Hoku Mama Swamp, Glamamore- all awesome. The best thing about drag is the layering of talent, the diversity of ages, backgrounds and the love for show. Drag is great! More coverage please.

  • Shannon1981

    This gives me an idea, Queerty. Why don’t you start a weekly/monthly column promoting under rated, under exposed, drag queens and drag kings? Help get their careers off the ground.

  • m

    @pickles: THANK YOU PICKLES! You must be dill.

  • Scott L

    I live in SF and have never seen Lady Bear with “ill-fitting attire and bad makeup”. She is always original and flawless with perfect makeup.

  • Jonathan

    @Scott L: Seriously. Lady Bear rocks. I love that she’s featured and getting attention, but ill-fitting attire and bad make-up DO NOT describe her at all.

  • ladybear


    Hey Riker. Thank you for your kind words, but just let me say, that while I can’t dispute the “hot mess” claim, I’m a big fan of all these bitches. i think we should have a reality show where we all have to live in a house together. Real world: Trannytown!

  • ladybear

    @Scott L:


    You two keep on sweet talkin’ me like this and you won’t even have to buy me dinner to get in my panties. Up for some DP/Spit roast action later?

  • Dr. Dick

    @ladybear: LOLLZ LB is my MAMA,
    ain’t no bitchez servin like she’s servin.
    ppfffff, “ill fitting attire”.


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