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The 6 Most Annoying Things Gay Men Do On Airplanes

True, all airplane passengers, regardless of sexuality, are engaged in pretty disgusting and obnoxious stuff, from the junior congresswoman in first class with a finger in her ear to the father juggling three kids who clearly saw his five-year-old wipe a booger on the seat in front of him and didn’t make any attempt to clean it up. But gay men do some pretty aggravating things of their own during air travel. Some of it we’ve heard about. Some of it we’ve witnessed. And in at least one instance, we’ve engaged in it ourselves.

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  • Michael

    What’s the deal with Queerty today? 1st, I wasted my time reading an article about how some frat movie wasn’t homophobic which, in essence, was completely devoid of anything queer related. I then had to listen to Queerty bitch and twist the removal of third-party outings from DADT into a moan and groan when it’s actually a great step in the right direction. And now they’re presenting a complaint list of “gay” things which not only haven’t I done but it’s a list heterosexual people are just as guilty of doing. The rotten cherry on this cake is Queerty placing an ad in the middle of this list and having the ad on it’s own page.

    I’m still baffled, though, how a frat film NOT being homophobic is considered gay news. Next thing you know they’ll give us a news item how Jimmy went out with his friends and wasn’t called a ‘fag’.

  • Tommy

    That’s really heterosexist. Wow… If I read this right, the problem with gays on airplanes is that we’re whiny, materialistic sluts with no sense of common decency.
    I’ve been on many a flight since getting an IPhone in 2007 and never once have I tried to schedule a booty call for touchdown. I’ve not given a handjob in a public place nor made sexual advances towards my flight attendants. That’s just good manners.
    WTF Queerty?

  • Dimi

    Hey my father was a flight attendant, he ain’t gay!

  • sumbody

    It’s been a scratchy week on the Q. This article wasted everyone’s time.

  • Dee

    Liked the frat boy review but this is pretty bad, Queerty

  • georgiaguy8

    I was at the back of an Air Asia flight and the male flight attendent was having quite the conversation with a female flight attendent about his boyfriend. I loved it! I just thought, “We are everywhere” as I flew from Malaysia to Cambodia. Later, met a cute, young flight attendent in Bangkok from the same airline off duty. Air Asians guys rock!!!

  • adman

    Queerty just freakin’ sucks lately. What are we, lab rats in some stupid marketing scheme? Lame.

  • Brian

    Gotta agree – where’s the substance? This seemed really high school/gossipy to me, but maybe I’m just getting older and too serious.

  • Michael

    …some of the things on here lately …

    would have appealed to me when I was in high school after I just came out and anything that had the word GAY in it was exciting and fun.

    Aren’t these six things that are annoying for…anybody?

    Next list:
    six foods that gays love.

    You know, we’re a lot more like heteros than I think some of us would like to admit. Let’s not write things that separate us from them, and instead report on or discuss the (hopefully decreasing) instances in which the THEY separate us from them.

  • Fritzer

    this is ridiculous


    which is the right word? A or B?

    A.”discrete” – 1 : constituting a separate entity : individually distinct
    2 a : consisting of distinct or unconnected elements : noncontinuous b : taking on or having a finite or countably infinite number of values

    B. “DISCREET” – 1 : having or showing discernment or good judgment in conduct and especially in speech : prudent; especially : capable of preserving prudent silence
    2 : unpretentious, modest
    3 : unobtrusive, unnoticeable

    now, if you are say a writer for a blog or newspaper. it would seem to me that you would be able to USE the right DISCREET!!!!! when writing a post/story for your work.

  • Maury

    As a gay man I can confidently say: The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Haha

  • Jose

    #4 made me lol

    it was “What Naruto character are you?!?!?!”

    I was like WAT, since when do gays cosplay as anime characters on flights???

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    I lot of these things are not exclusive to gay people. Queerty… fail.

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    I think this is meant to be satirical. Why is everyone complaining? It was obviously a joke bit from the first picture.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 15 Mysanthropic Destiny

    ….because satire is supposed to be witty and jokes are supposed to be funny. This article attempts both and fails at both. But then again, the writers are writers for Queerty and not writing for Jon Stewart.

    Regarding the Mile High Club, member since 1990, it was the stewardess who told me and my new found making out buddy to “Go get a room!” as she pointed to the lavatory.

  • Cam

    Is there a new writer on site, some of these articles, this one, the attack on Miley Cyrus even though she supports us etc… almost seem like they are being written by one of those just out of the closet “Yeah, I’m homosexual but I’m not a FAG.” types.

  • The Artist

    Relax, relate, release! PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • drifter

    I am reminded by #7 of the hurt I felt 15 years ago when I was flown to Dallas for an interview with American Airlines for a flight attendant only to be told more or less I was not what they were looking for.

    Looking back they were right because I know I would have rammed that can of Diet Pepsi down the throat of any obnoxious queen coming back from Las Vegas after losing her shirt and neeeded someone to vent her anger at for losing what she could not afford to gamble away in the first place.

    Again, whoever that old queen was who denied me the job, once again I say thank you very much for your wisdom and indirect help in keeping me out of jail. You were right. That job was NOT for me.

  • Solis

    Come on Queerty … enough of this nonsense! Report on weightier issues concerning our Community … like perhaps the 6 yogurt flavors that tatooed Asian models prefer to indulge in while on a Gay cruise.

  • Richard

    This should be retitled “The 6 Most Annoying Things Queerty’s Editors Do On Airplanes and then Project Onto All Other Gay Men to Justify Their Douchiness.”

    Seriously, this fucking sucks. For a blog that purports to critique stereotypes of gay men, you do a damn good job of reifying them.

  • Joseph

    I thought it was a cute article, mainly because I am an FA.

  • Joe

    I rolled my eyes with every single one. I would not like to meet the person who wrote this. Probably one of those guys who thinks he’s funny and you’re face hurts from all the fake laughter you’re doing around him. ugh.

  • Isaiah

    I’m not sure why so many people have written negatively about this entry. I actually liked this piece. It was funny and well-written. Not everything on a blog has to be so serious. Lighten up queens; we can laugh at ourselves.

  • anonymous #4

    It is obvious many of you “girls” have never worked on a newspaper or blog. If you did you would understand that regardless of the article things must be refreshed and in todays environment of up to the second reporting there is nothing too mundane to report on.

    So quit your bitching and Queerty, keep up the good job you are doing to keep the frustrated coming back for more.

    I actually enjoyed it and laughed out loud at annoying habit number seven.

  • GimmeABreak

    So, Dan Savage’s post was trans-phobic but this one by Queerty isn’t homophobic?? My schizophrenic sister-in-law displays more rational thinking than many of the LBGT complainers.

  • Aaron

    Is there proofreading anymore? What does this mean in number 6?

    “That’s understandable, and an expected reaction the marketplace” ?

  • geh

    I stumbled upon this article looking for people who shared the belief that gay people are annoying.

    Read this article anyway despite it being written by a squirmy faggot.

    Suspicions confirmed.

  • Clark35

    This was funny at times; but I’d hope that most gay men have the decency not to do these things.

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