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The 6-Year-Old Boy Forced to ‘Gyrate Like A Macho Dancer In A Gay Bar’ On National Television

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Above is a video of Jan-jan, a 6-year-old boy, appearing on the Philippines show Willing Willie, which premiered last fall on the country’s TV5. The six-days-a-week variety show, which runs up to 2.5 hours, is hosted by comedian Willie Revillame. And what did Revillame and producers have Jan-jan on the March 12 show for? So he could entertain the studio and viewing audiences by “gyrat[ing] in front of the camera like a ‘macho dancer’ in a gay bar would.” You can see the tears begin to stream down the boy’s face, but that only encourages Revillame to continue baiting Jan-jan into more dancing. And is that his mother in the audience, whooping it up? I’m assuming she’s collecting a few pesos for her son’s troubles? There’s a petition circulating the show and Revillame to be held accountable for allegedly abusing Jan-jan in violation of child performer laws. His mother, meanwhile, should be held accountable for turning the rest of her son’s life into an exercise in avoiding YouTube.

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  • CL

    That was quite painful to watch. There was a bit of homophobia at the beginning. The host asked the boy where his father works, and when the boy said that his father works at a hair salon, the host just broke out in laughter as if there’s something wrong with that. I think the boy felt ashamed after that.

    It was actually not his mother in the audience who was egging him on. It was his aunt. And when he was asked who taught him how to dance like that, he said that his aunt and his dad instructed him. That’s just plain disgusting. Equally disgusting was the behavior of the host who acted as if nothing was wrong with what the boy was being forced to do.

  • chpinnlr

    Deeply disturbing to watch. Even without the translation the pain in that poor childs face was obvious! What kind of sick person finds that funny? Even some of the audience members were starting to look disturbed by the end of the clip.

  • this is child abuse

    enough said! :(

  • DJ

    Does anyone else feel disgusting watching this? I do…

  • haze sebastian

    not funny. not funny at all…

  • Robbie K

    I feel terrible for Jan-jan :(

  • haha!!!

    really.. this was awful… i’m a Filipino and it was painful to watch this clip, and to think that Willie, the host, the audience, and his family were all happy and enjoying this…. really really awful….

  • Ogre Magi

    Goddamn, how many times was the jackass Willie Revillame going to make that poor kid do that stupid dance.

  • James

    Willie can entertain. At times he lacks common sense!

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