The $650K That’s Saving Chicago’s HIV Clinic Howard Brown Health Center From Closing. For Now

Chicago’s Howard Brown Health Center, which has spent the last 35 years caring for the city’s HIV afflicted gay and lesbian community, and serves 36,000 clients annually, began last month with a plea for help: short on cash, Howard Brown would face certain closure unless it was able to raise funds. Fifty days later, the facility says it’s scored $650,000 from 1,400 donors (including one $200k matching gift)

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  • Daez

    This is the charity in question…

    Perhaps if it was ran efficiently by someone not trying to get rich ($272,690 for a charity Executive Director is INSANE), it wouldn’t need to beg for more money. If this guy was actually making what he should (between $70,000 and $100,000) they would be asking for $172,000 less.

    In short, this is a great cause but a lousy organization. They deserve to get the doors closed on them and have no right asking for further hand outs. Its not like the cause is going to go unnoticed. Closing this “charity” would allow other charities to step up and take its place.

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    Well if you read the article, y would see that it was then only place that helped Chicago gays who have H.I.V.

    Why don’t you name all the other places gays could go in Chicago? I’m sure some read Queerty and would appreciate a different place.

    If you’re going to have an opinion with such conviction about a business and then say that it’s loss would not be a loss, then offer those alternatives. Least you can do an opinionated human being who thinks nothing of slandering a business.

    Furthermore, is that still how much the CEO gets? Weren’t the previous CEO’s stealing money? So I’m thinking Daez that more likely then not, they have completely changed their operations.

    And 100k as a CEO??? A public business helping 36,000 people?!

    That’s like 50k in the UK and you get that at the top of middle management, as an analyst or CEO of an SME.

  • Allen

    Since you’re pointing to Charity Navigator, I went to their website myself. Have you looked at the CEO compensation survey they do each year? According to their survey, as of 2008 CEOs of “large nonprofits” like HB ($13 million budget or larger) make about $280,000 a year. Of course some were higher and some were lower, but they pointed out that the average was $280,000 and that these CEO (at least the ones who actually do a good job) would probably earn millions in the corporate sector because thats what’s the for profits of the same size pay – not counting stock options and fringe benefits. Just because it’s for charity doesn’t mean you want a charity case running it, which is what you’d get if you don’t pay competively. It’s hard work being a CEO, and probably harder when you dont have as much resources and money as you need to really do the job. Seems like this guy is earning his keep and doing it with less help and in a way tougher environment and stress than the one who created the mess.

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