Perpetually Indulgent

The 7 Habits of Perpetually Indulgent Sisters

picture-61In 1979, tired of the ‘Castro clones’ mustachioing it up in San Francisco a group of gays dressed up in full-on nun habits and took the the streets– and the gay beach on Easter Sunday. A year later, the nuns formed an order, dedicated to “to community service, ministry and outreach to those on the edges, and to promoting human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment. The Sisters believe all people have a right to express their unique joy and beauty and use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit.”

We absolutely adore the Sisters, who spread a genderfuck positive image, whether it’s at a bar or shouting from the bullhorn while protesting in the street. They’re a reminder that gays and lesbians are endlessly inventive and that the message of equal love is one that ought to be spread joyously. But how can you identify one Sister from another? Here’s 7 habits worth forming.

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  • Joshua

    I’m currently in Berlin, and was recently at a club (SO36) here that does a lot of fundraising for immigrant rights and other causes. There were two sisters at the club that were definitely running the show: EVERYONE wanted to talk with them. I thought they were just famous Berlin bearded drag queens. I had no idea they were part of an international advocacy organization, but that’s really awesome.

  • Lee

    Everyone show all your love for the Sisters by helping spread their message:

    1. IMMEDIATELY sending links to some of their best videos (there SO many to choose from) like the one below of their most recent Easter celebration of “our Lord’s resurrection” and the Hunky Jesus contest to every member of the Maine legislature before their marriage equality hearings begin tomorrow.

    2. Send the same links to all your straight Net-savy family members, the family pastor, priest, rabbi, Imam, Mullah, whatever, coworkers, and your boss [assuming you don’t have a gay ghetto job].

    3. Don’t forget President Obama & the First Lady, Secretary of Defense Gates, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff; your state and local reps, your Congressperson, your Senators, the local school board and principals of all the public schools in your town.

    4. Print representative stills and mail them to every non Net-savy straight person you know, especially Granny and Grampa and all your aunts and uncles.

  • Brad

    What a great story— I had never heard of them before, but now I’m really interested.

  • Sister Edith Myflesh

    Hi and thanks for the lovely piece. I do have a couple corrections:

    The Sister pictured for San Francisco is actually from San Diego. While each House has its own distinctive wimple, there are no rules against Sisters wearing another House’s wimple.

    The Sisters pictured for London are actually from the Couvent de Paname in France. The London Sisters wear a traditional nun’s habit.

    A couple fun facts: LA was the second House in the US, followed by Seattle and the Sydney, Paris and Berlin Houses were the first formed outside of the US (in that order).

    Sister Edith Myflesh, Current Abbess
    The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.

  • Trenton

    Yay! Sister Stella Standing is the face of Seattle! Thanks for highlighting this group! <3

  • Alyssa


    Oh, honey, that’s not sister Stella, that’s Sister Faye Latio. Though I have seen sister Stella with a habit similar to that. :)

  • Trenton

    Thanks for the clarification! Bad angle!

    (How embarrassing)

  • Steve

    We’ve had the sisterhood here in Australia for years yet they don’t seem to rate a mention.

  • Sister Trystina

    The first photo is Sister Picoletta from Berlin, the second is Sister Kali Vagilistic X. P. Alidosious from San Diego.

  • cruiser

    I have for many years been a “fan” of the Sisters, the work they do is phenomenal, they do outreach, fundraising, as well as have a good time in the process. Here in Seattle the Abbey of Saint Joan is probably one of if not the most respected fundraising organization in the City(although when the Abbey first started there were some “issues”)they have acheived a recognition status equaled by few others. Keep up the great work.

  • Sister Kali Vagilistic X.P. Aladocious

    Yes, the above picture is of me, Sister Kali, and I am from San Diego. That photo was taken in San Francisco, Easter Sunday 2009 while I was there celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

    Thank you for a wonderful article.

    Much Love and More Glitter,
    Sister Kali Vagilistic X.P. Aladocious; the Yonic Nun

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