The 8 Hottest Men To Pose Nude For Europe’s Best Gay Magazines

naked-british-celebritiesIt’s much easier to get a European man out of his underwear than it is to get an American man out of his shirt, but that doesn’t necessarily make the job of Europe’s finest gay magazines any easier when it comes to disrobing the globe’s hottest celebrities between their pages.

American celebrities have long held the belief that nudity equals death — we thrive on the kind of nip slips, sex scandals and nude selfies that destroy careers. Europeans, on the other hand, are far more mature when it comes to showing skin.

Below, the seven hottest European men (and one Kiwi!) to take it off for the sake of gay fans. No careers were harmed in the making of these images:


Dan Osborne

If this were a competition, TOWIE hunk Dan Osborne would clearly win. When he took his clothes off for Attitude‘s annual “Naked Issue” in March, he went above and beyond the call of duty by showing full ass and came only four fingers away from doing full-frontal. The behind-the-scenes video that he appeared in (and the subsequent gifs that came from it) are guaranteed to make you scream.

He acknowledged his growing gay fan base for the first time in the issue, admitting he takes the gay gaze as a compliment and doesn’t mind a few gay “bum pinches” here and there. He went on to compete alongside Tom Daley on the UK’s Splash, and joined the Attitude staff as the new fitness expert earlier this month.


Blake Skjellerup

It was Gay Times that convinced Olympic speed skater Blake Skjellerup to slip out of his underwear and go commando for a slightly erotic photoshoot with a pair of his skates. He grabbed himself, showed his ass, and most importantly, used the issue to talk about his campaign to spread positive energy at the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia.

chris mears naked

Chris Mears

Chris was the most underappreciated member of Team GB at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, but he managed to stay on our radar thanks to his close personal relationship with fellow Team GB divers Tom Daley and Jack Laugher. It’s safe to say that now, he has his own special place in our pants heart.

Chris got naked for the first time in Gay Times‘ annual “Naked Issue” back in 2013. He posed alongside some tough competition in that issue (Olympic Judo fighter Ashley McKenzie, Well-Strung’s Chris Marchant) but easily came out on top with the pose above, a sexy half-crunch that screams “come sit on me.”


Jack Laugher

Not to be outdone by his diving bro-friend, Team GB diver Jack Laugher took off his clothes and pretty much set his entire ass on the camera lens in his own special issue of Gay Times last December, earning him the (scientifically proven!) title of “Team GB’s Best Ass.”

In the same issue, Jack tackled the topic of homophobia in sports, saying there should be an “instant ban or some kind of penalty” for outwardly homophobic athletes. He also posed from the front in the, though we like the view from the back much better. Feel free to linger.


Anton Hysen

Gay soccer stud Anton Hysen shed his shorts for the May 2012 issue of gay Swedish magazine QX, and act that really didn’t faze him. “It’s only an ass, what’s the big deal?”, he in the accompanying interview.

And American dudes, you’re in luck. Hysen also revealed in the interview that he’s into “American guys with dark hair, dark eyes, tattoos and muscles,” and not the “gay look.” I am not looking for anything and I do not have a requirements list. If it comes, it comes.”


Harry Judd

Flawless McFly drummer Harry Judd graced the cover of Attitude‘s 20th birthday issue and took his clothes off for the extended photoshoot inside. When he wasn’t using the rainbow-colored birthday cake to cover up his junk, his thick bulge was a sight for sore eyes.

Good god, just look at that thing resting.


Gareth Thomas

Out rugby stud Gareth Thomas graced the cover of Attitude‘s “Naked Issue” ahead of the 2012 Olympics, completely nude with assets in hand. He stripped along with other Olympians to raise awareness for the National AIDS Trust HIV testing campaign.


Philip Olivier

Soap actor Philip Olivier took his clothes off for an amazing 12-page spread in Attitude back in February, and confessed it would probably be one of his last sexy photoshoots. “I’ll probably do one last calendar for 2015,” he said. “It’s hard work doing all that training and you’ve got the new boys coming along, like the guys from TOWIE. That’s where the market is.”