The 9 Types of Britney Spears Concert Fans



Bless their hearts. Forty is the new twenty, right ladies? This grown-up version of The Young Skank actually doesn’t know Britney’s lyrics by heart. Also, they don’t know the dances. They’re just here to prove, to themselves, that they’ve still got It. Wobbling around on imitation Christian Lacroixs stilettos rivaling even the bravest of their youthful counterparts, you’ll find The Old skanks wrapped around their toothless biker hubbies in the arena, giggling and making out as the show goes on. Leopard print is common, though a nice trim of zebra and pleather may waddle past your sight line during “Radar.”

And if you really want to have some fun, watch their expressions whenever a twenty-one-year old breeze rolls by. Or appears shirtless on stage.