The 90s Most Famous Fashion Designer-Slash-Movie Star-Slash-Serial Killer Just Made An “It Gets Better” Video

Back up, Severus Snape! We have another Hollywood baddie who’s just waiting to tell all the young girls out there that it gets better. It’s Buffalo Bill, the serial killer from The Silence of the Lambs. Yes, ol’ Bill got panned as a horribly transphobic representation of transexual people (kinda like the cross-dressing villain from Dressed to Kill), but fictional serial killers need love too. Be careful though, he’s probably only telling you that “It Gets Better” so he can lure you down to his dungeon, starve you, and peel off your skin to make a woman suit. If that happens to you, just remember: “It puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again.”

And here’s a clip of Bill making himself up, just in case you need a reminder about his taste in wardrobe, music, and home decorating (video below NSFW)

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  • OneVoice

    Yet another incompetent post from DANIEL VILLARREAL.

  • Dan

    Was this meant to be funny? I’m honestly at a complete loss to understand how this post and embedded video contributes to the “It Gets Better” project.

  • Allen D.

    This place is really going downhill. That was fucking stupid.

  • Dee


    Queerty doesn’t ‘Get Better’, does it?

    It’s bad enough that a group of gay men thought this was funny enough to film, but then Queerty posts it? Buffalo Bill character has been awful and offensive for trans people since this movie came out. People still mock trans people using lines from this movie. This character needs to be forgotten—a false representation that makes trans people scary KILLERS. WE are the ones BEING MURDERED just for being trans.

    In my neighborhood of NE DC, a trans woman was murdered last week. And another was shot at just a few days ago.

    Queerty needs to hire a trans writer!

  • Bobby In Seattle

    Someone needs to explain to the creator of this video the difference between satire and “in bad taste.”

  • Jakey

    Wow. Good impression, but that is super offensive. I would love to find this funny, but there’s really no chance. Did you guys actually watch the video before posting it or what?

    “Yes, ol’ Bill got panned as a horribly transphobic representation of transexual people (kinda like the cross-dressing villain from Dressed to Kill), but fictional serial killers need love too.”

    That always bugged me. Both the book and the movie state quite clearly that he is not really trans, just delusional. Y’know, remember that part where Lecter advises Starling to look at rejected applications from John Hopkins?

  • Dee

    @Scott Gatz:
    Queerty has a long history of distasteful trans posts.

    If this is a site for all queers and not just gay men I think it’s time for trans representation on staff.

  • skzip888

    Tuck in and dance all you want, Bill, Jodie Foster is still the queerest thing in that whole movie.

  • Navi

    i find this extremely distasteful.

  • um

    @skzip888: best comment ever!

  • sugunan

    It is very hard

  • Flaming Moe

    My poodle thinks this is simply PRECIOUS!

  • ChristinaBringMetheAxe

    It Gets Better just jumped the shark. Thank you for posting this and to Buafflo Bill for making the video. Now I want to see more campy movie villains make It Gets Better videos.

    I always thought a little sense of humor was missing from the IGB zeitgeist, so it’s nice to see people going in new and funny directions with this.

    When did LGBT people lose their sense of humor? This is the best one yet!

  • Ganondorf

    Oh haters/detractors (can’t imagine lecter using the word ‘hater’, can you?), your problem is that you need to get more fun out of life.

    Ready when you are, sergeant pembry. ROTFLMAO!

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