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  • Lucifer Arnold

    Scared for what?? I like what I saw.

  • spider_orchid

    I don’t know if the writer has changed for these AList round ups or what, but I enjoyed this one a lot. I’ve decided to just calm the fuck down and enjoy this for what it is: Empty Television Carbs. Good in moderation and necessary when you’re feeling down. Also, Levi is not cute enough for all these dudes to want to fuck him.

  • CBRad

    I still think the writers will make one of the characters confess to throwing the rock through the winshield, or the “victim” will admit doing it himself. Something like that. Unless they write a murder into the show.

  • Ray

    Yes, apparently there is at least one store in Dallas, I think on the main gay drag, that encourages you to try on the underwear from what I’ve heard. I have not been there. I will not be going there. I do not know if they charge extra for the skid marks.

  • Marie Cohn

    These empty-headed young’uns didn’t realize that one of the stylists-producers is a big ol’ Dietrich “Hot Voodoo” fan and plagiarized the gorilla suit strip act from an ancient movie.

  • Cam

    This show hasn’t been cancelled yet??

  • timncguy

    In Ashley’s defense on her photo ability…. when Levi asked her to take the photos, she did suggest doing them in a studio where she could control the lighting. And, she also was hampered on the outdoor shoot because Levi kept demanding that she shoot pics where he wanted them shot instead of where she suggested for optimum lighting.

  • timncguy

    Please promise me that the odd blonde plastic faced thing with the weird surgically enhanced lips identified as “James’ friend” will not be making any future appearances. It scares me.

  • Amber024

    How can Chase be proud of himself?? He always has this disgusting smirk on his face, like he’s sticking it to Taylor. At the end of the day, Chase, you have Taylor’s sloppy seconds!! You’re kissing a guy who had Taylors d*ck in his mouth a week before. This week’s episode really showed how pathetic crooked-nose Levi and elf-eared Chase really are. #TeamTaylor!!!

  • Fitz

    Every time you watch an episode of this show, you loose another 1/2 inch of dick.

  • shannon

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LEVI IS DISGUSTING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Jake

    Taylor is getting everything he deserves. He’s the queen of talking out of both sides of his mouth and makes himself look like a two-faced immature idiot. He says he wants to be exclusive with Levi and then turns right around he tells the camera that Levi is not that bright and is easily manipulated. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, you don’t talk that way behind your boyfriends back. Well Taylor, not so hot now at ya! You thought you were the bitch when the real bitch was actually karma.

    And James, I’m sincerely concerned for your mental health! You ARE a nice looking guy, stop saying you’re not and work on your self-esteem. You have a self-calibration problem, big time. Dial it back a bit and your dates won’t go running and you’ll eventually find a nice guy. Just calm down and be patient and not so spastic. You’re scaring guys away with this behavior.

  • divkid

    it’s just a shame the show doesn’t foreground more of dallas itself ;
    i’d love to see the cast shot by a grassy knoll, or book depository.

    otherwise can’t fault the show. it’s rightly attained its position at the very apex of high culture.

  • Jason

    I’d like to see them all being forced into a life of indentured servitude by really mean butch dykes.

  • Glenn

    This nut house pathology of a show is horrifying in its ability to fascinate

  • J

    These people are just actors. I actually know the real “Levi Crocker”. Even his last name was taken by producers off of Chris Crocker, the gay youtube celebrity. People are so dumb if they believe this show is real.

  • J

    These people are just actors. I actually know the real “Levi Crocker”. Even his last name was taken by producers off of Chris Crocker, the gay youtube celebrity. People are so dumb if they believe this show or any “REALITY” show is truthful or real. Do you think any of these people are using their “real names”. Ha.

  • J is for Jabroni

    Oh “J”‘
    Sure honey, you know the REAL Levi. You’re as delusional as James is in thinking he and Levi had a relationship when in reality they just tricked once, and James was horrible according to Levi. Perhaps some portions of the show are scripted but these people are not actors. If they are, I would be demanding a refund from the acting schools they attended.

    Let me guess, you tricked with Levi too and you’re bitter that he won’t return your phone calls. How do you explain Levi’s DUI mugshot if that’s not his real name.

  • REAS

    I don’t see the attraction in ANY of the cast members. They are supposed to be somewhere in their twenties but act like they are about 12. I know the cast is scripted, but it’s like watching a train wreck. You have to stare, avert your eyes and then look back again to be sure of what you are seeing. I think most “reality” stars sell themselves very cheaply. But these guy better better be getting a little ‘extra’ in their paycheck. They will need it.

  • william ocariz

    I am so disgusted with this show. It is full of queer little sissy southern girls that give your city the worst possible name
    except for Levi, I would fire each and every one of them and get some real representation of what a southern man really
    is. The first to go is that butterfly Phillip who turns my stomach every time he comes on. Then that girl Taylor and finally
    Shane, a girl with hair on his chest. The butchest person on this show is Ashley. I will never visit Dallas if this is what I
    should expect to see. Did you cast on money? Me & my friends have more money than all of you put together and you
    would never see such flamboyant queerness, ever. You give gay ;people a bad name and this show should be removed
    immediately from the airways. Poor Dallas, they are probably dying of embarrassment. Have the show revolve around Levi and get rid of everyone else, they I’ll watch, otherwise count on me switching the channel. if you could get James to stop waving his hands around you could probably keep him. Ty his hands together and stop with the broken wrist look
    It’s ridiculous seeing such a big guy with such loose wrist. Come on, be a man, drink all you want but be a fucken man.
    Levi, you disgust me when you lay down with these faggots. Is there not real man in all of Dallas? Sad.

  • FarleyNY

    @Marie Cohn: How very correct.

  • FarleyNY

    @divkid: <3

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