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  • iluvrottis

    Enjoyed the recap. Levi and Chia Pet Hair Chase are trying to convince us that
    Taylor is a manipulative bitch. Maybe, but Chia Pet Hair is far superior in that department – he is a puppet master and Levi couldn’t catch a clue if someone through it at him. His bitchiness is perfected but Taylor’s needs work, it doesn’t look as
    effortless as CPH Chase.

    Taylor is becoming the Rodiney and I’m starting to feel very sorry for him. Get him
    a new storyline and move some else into the luv triangle. Find him someone else
    more his equal, at least in intelligence. Sorry, but Levi is quickly losing his
    appeal. He’s too drunk, slurry, crude, and just plain dumb.

    But, I’m watching this train wreck with glee. I wonder how much is actually real.

  • iluvrottis


    Meant to say “threw it at him…” not “through,” it’s late.

  • Stephen

    Great recap. Poor JC Andrews forced to write about this crap show.

  • AmberV

    @iluvrottis: I completely agree with you! Levi has been a sloppy drunk since the third episode. That crooked nose and love handles doesn’t help either. Taylor is the best character on the show. Period! Don’t even get me started on elf-eared Chase.

  • Ronbo

    My recap:

    Background noise with silly pretend-time boys. Surfing the web and I want to give LOGO its’ 4th audience member. Wish LOGO would give me some respect. Is anyone REALLY watching?

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