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  • Mike in Asheville

    What is this shit?

  • Mike Moore

    I can understand the “guilty pleasure” of Bravo TV … … but can Queerty at least refer to these dorks as the D-listers?

    (don’t get me wrong, guilty pleasures are cool … I’ve been known to lock the doors, pull down the blinds, and watch “Into the Blue” simply because Paul Walker is shirtless throughout much of the film)

    but “A-List” ought to be reserved for gay guys who have actually made some significant accomplishments in both career and philanthropy …

    I’d start with David Geffen (‘nuf said) … Tom Ford … James Hormel (a founder of HRC, first gay US ambassador, and huge $ supporter of many gay causes) … Dan Savage (destroyer of Rick Santorum and creator of “it gets better” campaign) … Tim Gill (software and political king-maker) … Ricky Martin … John Cooper (Sundance, Outfest)

    come on guys, we can do better than these clowns … who’s on your true A-List?

  • timncguy

    @Mike Moore: The problem being that no one who actually would deserve to be described as A-List (either for your description or for the normal entertainment industry description) would lower themselves to be a part of something like this in the first place.

  • Jason

    Frankly, Duncan looks like the only interesting person on the show, and someone you’d like to have a drink with.

    Derek is still a pissy chambermaid (she will never be queen), desperate for a story line which is why they plopped Duncan as his potential love interest. Please. Derek is about as interesting as a bottle of tanning lotion lying half used in a trash can.

  • Mike Moore

    amen, my brother.

  • ewe

    I detest this posing but have to say it was always my understanding the A list was composed of people with fantastic careers not clothes and skin product. PATHETIC. Shallow and infantile.

  • timncguy

    @ewe: “clothes and skin product” LOLOLOL have you seen this program? The clothes these guys wear are nothing to talk about. LOLOLOLOLOL For some unknown reason at the end of this week’s episode Derek was wearing a large “clump” of some gauzy material I guess as a kind of scarf around his neck to complement his A-shirt. LOLOLOLOLOL

    I do agree with your assessment that A-List should have meant famous people with good careers and some sort of social standing. None of that applies here. But, then again, why would anyone who was actually A-List have any need to be associated with this?

  • Alexa

    I have an idea. Can we keep his husband and deport Austin to Britain? (sorry, Britain)

  • misael

    It’s just a show, A list, I think means that they are in the A List when it comes to clubs, and they don’t have to wait in line. Again it’s just a show, I find entertaining, I don’t take it seriously. I know Derek, and in real life , he’s a very nice person.

  • Ben

    One of the best lines I’ve read in awhile. *slow clap* Put down the needle guys!

    “You’re about 30 now, after all—time to hit it early and hard, make that shit look as waxy and weird and Bruce Jenner-ish as you can. That way when you’re 50, you’ll have made your goal of resembling a 38 year-old female cat a triumphant reality.”

  • pithyscreenname

    I really love trashy television. But this show is too much. I love to hate characters, but hating them would exert way too much energy.

    They all seem to be terrible excuses for human beings. And enough with calling Austin fat. He has a great body.

    I know it makes ME a terrible person, but watching Derek’s forehead progressively get bigger every episode brings me a wonderful amount of joy.

  • George412


    Nobody really has to wait in lines at clubs anymore. Most clubs died with the 90s and so did the door policy. I go out to places that I don’t consider “A-List” and often see these idiots. So if they are at the same places I am then they aren’t “A-List” or maybe I am “A-List” along with thousands of other gay men.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    A real, genuine version of the A-list would be a gay-version of “Royal Pains”…with lots of house-porn and the Red-Hot-Ginge playing shirtless polo with Rodrigo Santoro and the Larson brothers.

  • Cam

    Can the producers of this show who have financial deals with Nyasha please be fired?

    1. There is no reason for her to be on the show.

    2. Her music….meh

    3. Her mock Diva Attitude is a sad poor imitation of a 7th place runner-up on RuPauls drag race.

    4. The only reason she is on the show, is so they can try to promote her non-existent music career, and the show can use her music during cutaways without having to pay any money for it.

  • misael

    @ George It’s just a show, The Real Housewives, most are’nt housewives. It’s just a show.

  • ewe

    @timncguy: No i have never seen the program. It doesn’t interest me.

  • ewe

    I have always found it to be twisted when people who are not all that good looking think and behave as if they are great looking. Man oh man, some people live in glass cage isolation. And that certainly is not only a gay thing.

  • ewe

    @misael: I don’t think you are correct about Alist being about club entrance. lol. That is so funny. It is about being on the ladder up toward phenomenal success in fields such as law, medicine, publishing, architecture etc. Not getting in without waiting on a line. lmao. OY Freagin vey. How far we have come? Sure it includes having fabulous homes and views with great furnishings and eating out but entering a club? I don’t think so. That’s called alcoholism.

  • Terry Cloth

    If Rodiney wasn’t on the show it wouldn’t be worth watching. Hate Austin and all the rest.

  • otis

    Rodiney is the best. Could just stare at him for an hour.

  • miguel valenzuela

    @pithyscreenname: SO TRUE! I love how balding and fat Derek is getting! Muahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shannon

    This recap is fucking hilarious.

  • RT

    Jesus, Reichen got so much botox done in between seasons. He didn’t need it.

  • Kieran

    I’m reading some of these posts and for the life of me I just can’t understand how gay men ever got their reputation for being bitchy. Here’s an idea, how bout if you hate the show so much you don’t bother watching or commenting on it. Problem solved.

  • Tony

    I was wondering why Reichen looked so different and odd this season. I guess it’s the botox.

  • Chadboy


    Get over yourself Kieran. It’s called freedom of speech. If everyone went to blogs and wrote positive reviews then it’s highly unlikely anyone would visit blogs and comment on them. If these “A-Listers” can have a voice on TV then why can’t people who have seen the show share their thoughts?

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