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  • Joe

    who the hell is Derek Saathoff?

  • Ryan

    Are people allowed to have opinions if they are or have ever been on reality TV? I thought there was some sort of exemption.

  • Cam

    Wow, he is as orange as that mother.

  • Jacob

    ummmm yeah he may be orange, but he doesnt go to the tanning bed, he spray tans, so he’s completely different from her.

  • Sohobod

    His forehead is too big and his mouth is too small. And by the look of him
    I bet he’s horrible to waiters.

  • Mk_ultra_again

    Sage words from the old girl.


    OH-M-GEE!! His mouth is sooooo tiny, and somebody please tell me that this woman don’t have her lips lined with black eyeliner. Gud Gawd, where do these people come from???? I just can’t anymore. Good Nite.

  • Larry

    @Sohobod: please post your photo so we can all comment…I’m sure it will provide hours of fun for all

  • BlogShag

    And she’s only 42? Why does she look like 62? Stupid whiteys. Jeeez. Sad thing is, that’s actually one of the better pictures of her. The other photos of her, she looks like a burn patient

  • DouggSeven

    Someone seems bitter that their terrible, rehearshed and scripted reality show wasn’t renewed.

  • vince b.

    That woman looks like she’s off her meds.

  • Gay Bacon

    Love the aqua, hate the orange…

  • tjr101

    She looks like a brown leather bag I use to have.

  • Cam

    @Jacob: said…

    “ummmm yeah he may be orange, but he doesnt go to the tanning bed, he spray tans, so he’s completely different from her.”

    No, actually I wasn’t commenting on the the safety of spray tanning v. tanning beds. I was commenting on how stupid they both looked in that bright carrot orange color. How they got it doesn’t change the fact that they both look completely ridiculous.

  • Gay Bacon

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this spray tanning goes the way of The 1st colony in The Hunger games; bright blue and purple ppl walking everywhere.

  • Tyngeajedge

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