The Abbey Cancels Tabloid Skank Courtney Stodden’s Pole-Dancing Gig

The Abbey, probably the most famous and most popular gay club in West Hollywood, has done at least two things to warm our hearts: First they banned bachelorette partie until marriage equality is the law of the land. And more recently, they cancelled a pole-dancing performance by third-rate paparazzi whore Courtney Stodden.

TMZ is reporting Stodden “will not be flaunting her suspiciously perky 18-year-old breasts” at a pole dancing performance the night before Thanksgiving because the Abbey ” dropped her like a hot potato.”

Courtney, who is married to 52-year-old Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, doesn’t know why the gay mainstay axed her appearance. But her people think “higher-ups who own the place pulled the plug on her out of ‘fear,’ whatever that means.”

Um, maybe fear that patrons would lose their dinner?

We’re getting a little tired of sideshow attractions like Stodden and Tan Mom thinking they have a home at gay watering holes. We’re just as nauseated by you as the rest of America.