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The Absolutely Mesmerizing Bitchslapping of Ex-Gay Richard Cohen

Common wisdom suggests Glee makes for good television. But there’s just something magical about Rachel Maddow absolutely hand it to ex-gay proponent Richard Cohen of the International Healing Foundation. Says Maddow: “I realize I was taking the risk of helping promote you and the way that you think about these things by putting you on the air. But I do think that you’ve actually got blood on your hands.”

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  • Joe Lagana

    Rachel Maddow has shown herself to be a deeply intelligent and thoroughly knowledgable journalist. This interview, and the expressions on her face during some of the more interesting exchanges, is priceless. Thank goodness for Rachel.

  • Adam

    I love that he talks about taking one quote from a much larger text and ignoring the message of the entire text….much like christians taking few quotes from a very large book to justify beliefs that homosexuality is wrong.

  • terrwill

    The reason why he now claims to be “ex-Gay” is that
    he is so distrubingly ugly not even the 4am desparate
    barflys hangin out in the bars would fuck this troll……

  • Daniel

    So called “ex-gay” people always seem mentally unstable, trying to “convince” themselves they have “changed”. Look to what lengths this loser has undertaken to “convince” himself. Sad and pathetic… his kids know he’s a “re-closeted” case. Such desperation, and such harm to others. If he were really straight, he would not have devoted his life to talking about gayness and attempting to attract gay people to him. He is obviously expressing a subconscious need to be around gay people, his innate, completely natural homosexuality still controls him whether he likes it or not, just like nature intended for him. He should just accept it; he’d be happier.

  • Val

    I absolutely LOVE Rachel! I was LIVING for her last night as she broke his face over and over and him having to scramble to pick it up!

  • kademonster

    Rachel is amazing. The end. And I’m with #2. Adam. My immediate thought when he was complaining about it being taken out of context was how often God must be saying to the fundies “I mean, really. You’re taking this gay thing way out of context guys.”

  • Jacob

    This dude says he was gay initially but how do we know he’s telling the truth. Even if he was attracted to same-sex individuals he is NOT a true homosexual.

    This guys is a douche for thinking it can be CURED!!!

  • tiredinus

    Oh Richard Cohen has just the right name… he is such a DICK.. how do people without any officially recognizable certification get into the position to be able to publish and be ‘taken as an authority’ on any issue? This guy’s just a fraud and I couldn’t agree more with #2 about ‘just one statement’. This moron’s response to Rachel’s questioning ‘I’m going to have that incorrect statement removed from the next edition’ is akin to the judge instructing the jury to ‘disregard that last statement’ – sorry, can’t – I heard it – therefore it’s in my mind – if it’s not true don’t put it out there in the first place…

  • Jacob

    This guy is not licensed, he says he was gay—which cant be proved—he says he’s helped thousands around the world—which is just word of mouth, he got kicked out of an institution, he has no basis for his claims and research and used research by others to support his claims who also have been kicked out my numerous institutions. This guy is all talk. Need i say more lol!

    He’s all about money! Its sad that this is what the world has come to today—money money money.

    Heaven forbid if his one of kids turn out to be gay.

  • Jacob

    And look at that face, no wonder he couldnt land a guy hahaha!

  • playasinmar

    “I’m reading it from your book, dude.”


  • naghanenu

    I think for real the man really believes he is healed. All the ex-gays are the reason why gays do not have a chance in all hell with convincing people.

    No really, take it from a straight, religious person’s point of view. I have no experience being gay, im a christian and i can be easily convinced that homosexuality is a choice after spending 20 minutes in this guy’s presence. You’d be surprised how quickly and efficiently this poison is spreading. I used to actually think that way.

    I think gay groups should find how to resolve this problem

  • robert

    that was not a beatdown that was a smackdown..she emasculated the man’s arguments with a barely concealed fury I have not seen from Rachel before you could tell she felt personally insulted

  • Charles Merrill

    Homosexuality should be welcome in Uganda as a birth control method. Between 1969 and 2009, Uganda’s population trebled from nine million to about 33 million. It is estimated that by 2050, Uganda will have a population of 110 million. Primitive folks guided by the Catholic Church and other homophobic religions.

  • YellowRanger


  • terrwill

    No. 10 · Jacob: Read my post #3.

    And for those of you who may wish to confront this asshat in person here’s how:

    Find out where he lives, then proceed to the local
    cruise area. Then look for the guy on his second or third
    session of bottoming bareback and say “hi Richard”

    Easiest way to locate an “ex-Gay”………….

  • spyke

    Omg I am sooo in love with Rachel…

    I hope that doesn’t make me straight????

  • Carlos

    That hurt. I felt sorry for him, Rachel blew him away.

  • romeo

    Carlos, you can’t be serious. These delusional ex-gay types give ammunition to our worst enemies.

  • GrrrlRomeo

    At times it seems Cohen was actually trembling. His focus seems to be on gay men. I agree with Daniel above that he still wants to be around other gay men. But the guy seems terrified of gay women.

  • blackjack44

    what an idiotic rationalization. people are gay because they need the love of a mother or father? what about the people who grew up with both parents in a perfectly normal family?

  • Matt

    As a gay man who had a very normal upbringing with a continuing close relationship with both his non-divorced mother and father, I personally can tell you this guy is full of it. Btw, my boyfriend is also very close to my parents. It’s amazing what can happen when people are really loving and caring and not just saying they are.

    Cohen keeps talking about how loving and caring his therapy is, but ultimately feeding someones fear to the point of convincing them that they should abandon their own identity is egregiously cruel.

    Brilliant job by Rachael. Her show and the Daily show are part of my daily viewing.

    Btw, couldn’t Cohen simply be a repressed bi-sexual?

  • shea

    Ahahaha! “I’m reading it from your book dude!”

    Best. Response. Ever.

  • sal(the original)

    oy get those gay people outta uganda and pull all foreign funds from that country and let them stay with their little hateful selves,oh and sent that “straight” punk there to live

  • chris

    After watching this, I want to go and get a sex change, be a lesbian and totally marry Rachel Maddow.

  • Jacob

    Rachel RULES!!!! :P
    I had no idea who this chick was until today and i got to say that i love her lol! :P

  • Aaron

    For the first time in my life, I am in love with a woman.

  • Ali

    Can we legalize polygamy along with gay marriage so all of us can marry Rachel Maddow? There is no other argument for polygamy I find convincing.

    Also: if this Richard Cohen has managed to convince so many douchebags that gayness can be cured, I hope they were listening tonight when he advocated actually NOT killing the gays (so they could keep buying his DVDs, I’m sure.)

  • Chris

    Rachel knocked it out of the ballpark with this one. Unlike Jimmy Kimmel and Kyra Phillips on CNN, she systematically took down this creepazoid. She is my new hero.

    By the way, this guy is really nuts. Not only is he a self-appointed psychotherapist, but he used to be deeply involved in the Unification Church (the Moonies). This was right before his marriage.

    He still comes across as a sleazy queen that everyone would avoid at the bar.

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