The Acquired Taste of Bruno’s Balls Not Yet Appreciated by Eminem

Back in 2001, Eminem made headlines when the sometimes-homophobe performed on stage with Elton John at the Grammys. Eight years later, the rapper was back on a stage at the MTV Movie Awards to perform — but that’s not what he’ll be remembered for. That distinction goes to Sacha Baron Cohen landing balls-first into Em’s face during the broadcast. It’s your call whether you want to believe the rapper was so upset over the homoerotics that he stormed out, or whether he was in on the gag. Either way, there was definitely some ass crack all up in Em’s face.

UPDATE: Gossip Marc Malkin says: “Source just told me that Eminem knew about stunt at MTV Movie Awards BUT did NOT know that Bruno would only be wearing a thong.”

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  • niles


  • Percival

    That was pretty much amazing.

  • Ricky


    If he really wanted to, he had plenty of opportunity to stand up and walk away.


  • Kbutterum

    effing fantastic absolutely brilliant. I thought it was set up after all Eminem has a Cd out and Bruno’s coming out, no pun intended. More culture wars.

  • Lee

    I think he’s a putz, but where’s the discussion about the sick song on Eminem’s latest CD in which he claims he was repeatedly molested as a little boy by his stepfather?

    Real? Fake? A little bit of each?

  • Thor

    Its pretty obvious Eminnem knew beforehand that he was going to do something with Bruno, but I don’t think he was expecting to get teabagged. You notice also that the camera ran to the scene quickly and they had to mute the sound for a good couple of seconds. Regardless if it is fake or not. Eminem had balls on his face.

    The thing that makes the clip golden is Zac Efron longing for a bit of Bruno. You can see him uttering “what”. One would assume that Zac is just questioning if he really received the award. Come on hes not that modest. The “what” was being employed as clear sign of Zac’s disappointment when he learned that he would only be receiving an award rather than Bruno’s balls…in his face.

  • rich

    Spock thought it was funny.

  • redgalaxoid

    Seems like Sacha Baron Cohen reaaaaally go into Bruno’s part, his legs and butt look really toned! He must have done a lot of training…

    Oh, and I expected (hoped for) a gayer reaction from Zachary Quinto…

  • Tallskin

    LOL fucking hilarious!

  • Jeremy Feist

    Em probably knew something was going on, but probably didn’t know it would be to that extent. But whatever, if you’re willing to make fun of everyone else, don’t act like a little bitch when others start having a little fun at your expense.

    @Lee: The song is kinda completely tasteless, but let’s face it: He hasn’t released anything good in years. Eminem is an utter hack, and the only way he can get people to care about him is to say a bunch of stupid shit. I mean really, he backed down from Nick Cannon for Christ’s sake. NICK CANNON.

  • adolf

    @jeremy, if you think em is a hack then you have no clue about hip hop, his syllable play, rhyme cadence, and flows, breath control are up there with jay, big, and rakim. and he puts more of his real life into his songs then any other hip hop artist.

    2nd when did he back down from nick cannon? cannon never dropped a dis track, and never went at em other then a blog post, which was lame as fuck.

    3rd. this is lame. it was staged, just like the comic the insult dog bit that happened a few years ago.

  • Shaun

    100% staged. If you saw a man coming straight at you, i think you would have the sense to move. Furthermore, he didn’t even FLINCH when it happened…. if he wasn’t in on it, i’m pretty sure he and his “posse” would have kicked sasha’s @ss.

  • Shaun

    @Ricky: Correct. Get up and move… his big ass entourage didn’t even touch sasha afterwards… I’m sure if em was pissed, he would have said something – like he did to triumph the insult comic dog.

  • Nomad

    the fact that Eminem let Sacha Cohen land on him in that position pretty much proves that it was staged

  • rick

    it could not have happened to a better guy than emininem.

  • hardmannyc

    Eminem was upstaged and couldn’t act spontaneously and had to rely on his goons to do his work for him.

    In other words, he’s become just another coddled celebutard.

  • Joe Tarner

    LOL, of course it was staged. If it hadn’t been, any self-respecting man–Eminem included–would have punched Cohen in his worthless, queer nuts before he’d ever landed.

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