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The Action Star Who Does Squats At the Gym … While Going Commando


“Unless you are using a private trainer, most people in California belong to one of just a couple of gym chains. Since the gyms primarily service locals, it’s not unusual at all to look around the room and see some famous faces. Nobody really makes a fuss about it. Except when this certain male star of an action franchise chooses to do bench press and do squats. Is he garnering attention for the massive weights he uses, or his perfect form? Nah. It’s just that he wears a pair of slightly baggy, slighty high cut shorts… with no jock underneath. Dude, it’s too much information. We don’t want to watch your junk while wee work out. Pleaes consider tucking your twigs and berries into some sort of athletic support device in the future.” [Blind Gossip]