The Adoption Agency With the Discriminatory Non-Discrimination Policy


If an adoption agency doesn’t ban gay couples from adopting children, but instead only gives straight couples preference ahead of gay couples, is that really discrimination? Well, if grass is green and Clay Aiken plays for our team …

Then yes, of course it’s discrimination.

Butler County Children Services in Ohio says its policy isn’t discriminatory, and is just based on research. “Data-wise,” says director Michael Fox, “and there’s tons of it, kids do better in families when there is a traditional married couple.”

The new policy doesn’t mean the agency won’t use single parents or same-sex couples, Fox said. In fact, he said, the agency usually gives preference to unmarried Butler County foster parents over out-of-county residents, and gives preference to whoever has been taking care of a child in adoption proceedings.

“Without exception, the best interest of the child trumps,” Fox said.

And in at least one instance, the Children Services unit did grant two gay dads adoption rights. Michael and Andrew are the proud parents of 2-year-old Grace because Fox’s agency approved their upgrade from foster to adoptive parents. Even still, Michael is incensed.

But Michael said he takes it personally, and says it is discrimination. “We will not be contacted until every other avenue has been exhausted,” he said.

Michael said he and his partner became foster and adoptive parents two years ago and have had one foster child in addition to their adopted daughter. But despite complaining about children needing foster parents, the agency hasn’t placed a child there since September 2007, he said.

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