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The Adorable High School Football Team And Their Glee ‘Single Ladies’ Video

Well isn’t this just the most adorable thing: Decatur Central High School in Central Indiana won $300 in a video contest after their rendition of Glee‘s “Single Ladies” aired at the Marsh Hoosier Classic at Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis. Give it up for high school jocks not giving a shit. Shoulda been the half time show.

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  • Hilarious

    Not gay.

  • hephaestion

    I think it’s good they did this, but my goodness I never saw football players in such bad shape. They look like none of them ever saw a weight training room, don’t they?

  • Michael


  • Sexy Rexy

    SPARE me. The spoofs of the original video are so damned tiresome and this was not even funny.

  • Stefan

    Wow, in Indiana of all places!

  • Scott E.

    Yea, this was just embarrassing to watch. Straight football players don’t know how to dance…well, at least these straights don’t. Not really that funny. There was no emotion put into the dancing.

  • Matthew

    You guys are way to harsh, remember this was for a school project, the guys did a good for football players. And we can’t say these boys are bullies or straight, we can’t judge them because we don’t know them. They did good for a school project, and to even go against the stereotype of football players being emotionless masculine beef cakes was a big step and I commend these guys.

  • Brent Matthew Lillard

    @Scott E.: Straight men CAN dance and incredibly well, my late father was a professional ballroom dancer and his teacher learn it in OCS in the Air Force. Secondly, these young football players aren’t professional and they are still in highschool and covered in gear. I think they did very good given the circumstances.
    Good for them for breaking the stereotype. Maybe they WILL learn som practical dancing, make them lighter on their feet and better in the game! lol

  • Mack Robertson

    Very entertaining! Must have taken a great deal of time to get so many people to participate. They all have a great sense of humor.

  • Pip

    way too many cuts, and really not a lot of dancing. definitely should not have won any contest.

  • Ryan

    HIGH SCHOOL. cut them some slack. It was cute and worthy of a few chuckles, and nice that even in IN they can get over their own machismo to do this.

    Back to hades ye harpies!

  • Bob

    What a shock the bitter fucking queens are down on this. Sometimes I really hate our “community.”

  • Tim in Houston

    “Back to Hades, ye harpies!” Bwah! Thanks, Ryan, for the excellent Monday-morning laugh. So apt…

  • hybridjohn

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