‘The Advocate’ Totally Barebacks Postal System

The Advocate‘s reinvention tour continues. The gay news weekly has shed its shameful, oppressive cellaphane wrap and will now travel the United States postal system naked.

Publisher Michael Phelps tells NY Times that he and enslaved interns polled readers and the majority support free balling.

The majority no longer wanted the covering. For some, they said they were environmentally conscious and wanted to cut down on waste. For others, it was more of an out-and-proud issue.

Not incidentally, the first issue shipped features sacked soldier turned activist Eric Alva. Don’t worry, closet cases, you can still request the protective shield.

While The Advocate “comes out of the closet,” as market researcher Bob Witeck jokes, other magazines eschew the exposure. Raymonde Green, EIC of “urban” fag rag Uneq, tells journo Juston Jones, “We are a fairly new magazine, so we are still trying to gain the trust of our readers.”

Perhaps a game of truth or dare will help?