The All-Too-Believable Sadness of Mike Jones

2006_11_05_plunkett_pastorconfessed_ph_mike_jonesQUEERTY REPORTSThough he single-handedly brought down one of America’s most political and homophobic evangelical ministers, the latest revelations about Ted Haggard give former escort Mike Jones no joy. He’s broke, can’t get a boyfriend and despite many efforts to reach out to the gay community, is treated like a pariah. It’s a big week for Ted Haggard. He’s been on Oprah, Larry King and ABC News. Tonight, a documentary about his ‘redemption’ airs on HBO and earlier this week, Grant Haas, a 22-year-old New Life Church volunteer, has stepped forward with new allegations of non-consensual sexual contact with Ted– plus word that the New Life Church paid him to keep quiet. But for Mike Jones, who finds himself in the spotlight, once again, it’s just another week of hell. Queerty sat down with Mike and asked him whether he forgives Ted and why he thinks the gay community has shunned him.

How have you been with all the renewed media attention?

I’m tired. It’s nuts. It’s not fun. People may think it’s fun and glamorous, but it’s not.

Why are you doing all the press? You could just hide if you wanted.

I am so deep into this. I mean, there’s so much corruption being exposed now at New Life Church as a result of all of this. A bunch of hush money payments being made to a lot of people and it’s now being exposed. So this story is much bigger than even Ted Haggard now.

Did you know about Grant Haas before this week?

Yes, I was made aware of him from someone else. I knew about him a year ago. And I know of others, too who haven’t come forward yet. Several guys have actually sought me out to tell me their story.

In the New Life Church?

They were, yeah.

What was yr reaction to Grant’s coming forward?

It’s not so much, for me, about Grant coming forward per se, as it is my anger towards New Life Church. He approached New Life Church about what was going on with him and Haggard three weeks after my story broke and if New Life Church would have been upfront and honest at the time and said, ‘You know what, we have another gentleman whose just come forward, it certainly would have made my life a lot easier. Instead they chose to cover it up and eventually pay him hush money. Therefore, I was taking the whole beating and taking all the flak from a lot of different angles. I was the only one out there when, all along, I said, there’s others. I knew of others. I guess when Grant finally decided to come forward, through my encouragement, too, I asked him to show his face. It certainly was a little bit validating for me. I just have to be honest: It’s a little refreshing that when I tell people that what I told them from the very beginning it was true, it’s a little refreshing. But I sure could have used the honesty back when I broke the story.

Have you spoken with Grant at all?

I’ve talked to him, sure. We’ve met. We’ve communicated.

[The gay community’s reaction] has really slighted my whole energy level as far as fighting for gay rights.

Did you tell him what you told me just now? That you wished he had come forward sooner?

Well, I don’t know I said, ‘I wished’ because he did come forward in a certain aspect. You have to understand what the New Lif Church is all about. It’s almost no different than the Catholic Church. It’s all about image. So, they just do whatever they can to protect themselves and make them look good. And New Life Church issued a statement when I came forward saying that it appears Mike Jones is the only man Ted Haggard had a relationship with and that certainly wasn’t true.

Have people come forward and said, “We’re sorry we didn’t believe you?”

Well, it’s funny. I think the people who have been really harsh on me– it would be nice if just one of them would come and say ‘ You know what? Forgive me for calling you a liar or for calling you nothing but seeking media attention. It would be nice if one of them could come forward and apologize to me. It’s interesting what’s happened, especially since I’ve had my video on YouTube. I’ve received probably 250 emails now as a result of that and I’d say 80 percent of them are from religious people or people at New Life Church actually offering me support or thanking me for coming forward. It’s kind of interesting that the group that I thought would blanket me with that was the gay community and it turns out that it’s actually the religious community that I’m getting the most support from.

We spoke when your book first came out and at that time, we talked about how disappointed you were by the gay community’s reaction to you. Has that changed at all?

It’s actually gotten worse, I think, since way back when. I don’t know. It’s just puzzles me. It disappoints me. It actually angers me. And I will soon get over it, but I will tell you, it’s really slighted my whole energy level as far as fighting for gay rights. There’s a big conference, I think this weekend, going on in Denver with the [National Gay & Lesbian] Task Force and I have zero desire to even participate.

What sort of things have happened that’s made you feel this way?

Just the lack of support! To this day, nobody from HRC [The Human Rights Campaign], who I reached out to at the beginning for some help, as my world was collapsing, still to this day has never called me or even made any attempt to check up on me. Nothing. I offered to every group I could think of that I’ve had access to, anything I could do to help out Proposition 8. Not one of them got back with me and said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’ Nobody would get back with me. I’ve exposed one of the biggest anti-gay-marriage people around within the evangelical community and I just feel like all people remember is ‘Oh, he was just a prostitute.’ What a shame that people still look at me that way. They need to forget about that part and really come to the realization of what I actually did for the sake of the gay community. I exposed myself and I took a lot of heat for that, so I feel a bit hurt.


Well, before this week’s revelations, what’s been happening with your life lately?

It’s pretty much been two years of depression, to be honest with you. I’ve really had a hard time. See, there’s a difference living in Colorado. I’ve known this documentary has been going to come out for two years and I knew eventually some of these other guys are going to start talking. I know more are probably going to soon, too. So, you know, in Denver, I’ve always been in the center of it. There’s been stuff that’s come out, through the Church and through Haggard and some other people, that just keeps coming out. So, this has been like a cancer that doesn’t ever go away– and it eats at me every single day. Now, I haven’t had any money to get any counseling or anything. I’ve been pretty much picking around where I can and I’ve had a couple of people help put a roof over my head. Some people who don’t know what it’s like think it’s so easy to say, ‘Oh, just move on, move on, Mike’. Well, I’m sorry. I’m in a small group in this entire world who knows what it’s like for something like this and it’s not as easy to say, ‘I’m moving on.’ Sorry.

Have you ever thought of leaving Denver?

Yeah, yeah. You know, it’s really hard. You know, I’m fourth generation. This is my home and it’s very difficult. I just don’t know where to go. It’s easy to say, ‘Oh, just pick up and move’, but you have to have some money to relocate and I just don’t have that right now.

I want a boyfriend … I’m very lonely.

The central premise of the Trials of Ted Haggard is that Ted Haggard deserves forgiveness. What was your reaction when you first heard about it?

I’ve made my peace with Ted Haggard within myself. He has publicly apologized to me. He has actually publicly stated, ‘Thank God for Mike Jones’, because otherwise he said his life would probably continue to spiral out of control. So, I have made my peace. He was on the Oprah Show [yesterday] and Oprah, they were in contact with me and were thinking about having me and and finally said to me that they felt I was irrelevant to the story now. And I was like, ‘Whatever!’ But ironically, they asked for clips of me from the news station and also asked me to write a letter to Ted Haggard that supposedly, they read to him on the program, but whether or not they show that, I don’t know. One of the lines in my letter that I wrote to him is, ‘My sadness is that you chose to make your comeback so publiclly, because not only are you opening old wounds, you’re opening new ones.’ Because I knew what was down the pike. This was filmed a couple of weeks ago and I knew this kid was coming out. So, it was my sadness that he chose this route to do it so publically, when I thought it would have been more honorable for him to do it quietly.

Do you forgive the New Life Church?

Well, I don’t think I’m at that point yet. They have a lot of answering to do with all this hush money stuff that they’ve been paying people. I have a friend that made an interesting comment. He goes, ‘Isn’t it funny Mike, that everybody has made money off this that has lied, but you told the truth and you’ve made nothing.’ I go, ‘That’s true.’

What do you want to do, moving forward?

I want a boyfriend. I need someone to rub my back at night. I’m very lonely. It’s funny when I try to date– even with people who don’t know who I am, I eventually have to fess up, because I don’t want them to be shocked or surprised when someone approaches me or they see me on TV. It’s amazing how then, the dating stops. I guess I’m still kind of a hot potato and people have these images of me. You know, I’ve made my bed. I kind of have to sleep in it, now. But, I’m lonely. And I need to find a job. I really would like to get on with a normal life. People think it’s so easy to put a period and move on. Well, for me, it’s not. This thing eats at me day and night. I can’t do something, almost, without thinking about it in some way, shape or form. It’s just something I need to deal with, but it’s taking quite a bit of time for me.

If there’s one thing you would want people to know about Mike Jones that you don’t think they know or don’t understand, what would it be?

Basically, that I didn’t do it for fame or fortune. I think that’s what really make me sad is that people still don’t believe my motive and I don’t know what to do.I think if people need to understand that if I were doing it for money, I would of had a book deal signed before I ever exposed him. I would of had a P.R. person ready. I would of had all this stuff in place. Instead, I just came out with it. Like I said, I didn’t know what was going to happen, but it makes me sad that people keep accusing me of motives. I don’t know how to tell people differently, but I guess people have to think the way they want to think. One thing I’ve discovered is that there’s an awful lot of jealousy out there within the gay community towards me. How dare he get all this attention? How dare he get all this, this? I’m sorry, ok? I stepped into the public limelight doing what I though was right and I can’t help that this is the consequence of it. And see, I can’t read blog comments at all. I can’t read any of them. People are so nasty. It makes me so depressed and brings me to tears so many times because of teh things they say about me. So, I can’t even read any of that stuff any more.

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  • Sean

    I don’t think many would disagree that Mike Jones is a whistleblower. But he is a whistleblower in the sense that Jessica Hahn was a whistleblower. He was a prostitute and did things that many in the country would hold against someone in a job search or a personal relationship. He should look in the mirror and realize that his own past choices led him to where he is. His comments here are genuine but at the same time his claims of victimhood fall flat because in the end he made choices too in his life. He is realizing I hope that they were bad ones and that it is only he that can really cahnge them. Case in point, Donna Rice. Now she is a crusader now against pornography and not a friend of gays but she turned something that was personally damning of her own character into something that has made her credible. Jones should realize taht he needs to move on and leave familiar surroundings and find a new path in life. Money is an issue for all of us for sure and the fact Jones is broke is I am sure is a totally serious matter. But personal responsibility is a big part in moving on and Mr Jones should embrace that instead and let Haggard ruin Haggard.

  • gayvirgo

    What a shame. He should be hailed as the whistleblower he was, especially now that others have come forward and no one can doubt his claims.

    Unfortunately, in my opinion, because of the choices he made and the circumstances under which he and Ted met, he carries with him a certain amount of “pariah”.

    Twice in his interview he says he wants people to forget the fact that he was a drug-using prostitute and concentrate on the good things he did. But Ted Haggard is asking the same things: forget part of who I am and what I did and look at the good I am trying to do/have done.

    If I were on a date with Mike Jones and had no idea who he was then I, too, would be put off by his story. NOT by the fact that he was brave and stepped forward to uncover a major hypocrisy in the Evangelical church, but by the fact that he has a past that includes drug use and prostitution.

    I want to be understanding of his story and his position: I am sure it has been very, very difficult for him. NO ONE should have to struggle that much when trying to do something right in this world. Should the gay community have turned it’s back on him? As a person, no. As a spokesperson/model gay citizen…well, I know that if I were looking for someone to stand up for and promote my cause I would probably not look for someone with that past.

  • Anon

    I feel so sorry for him, no matter if I agree with him or not how he feels is how he feels. I mean he earned (close to) nothing on this, but is marked forever, feels a bit unjust.

  • BillyBob Thornton

    I have always felt that Mike Jones did the right thing, and I have tremendous respect for him. Were I in his shoes, I don’t know if I would have had the strength to come forward and tell my story. His former profession as an escort is not an issue for me, after all, it’s the oldest profession in the world.

    Shame on the gay community if they have ostracized him because of this. Don’t they see the impact this has had on the anti-gay agenda? I would probably feel the same way about gay rights, etc if I had received the same treatment that he has.

    I say to Mike, sign a movie deal, a book deal, whatever will make you some money now. Time to take care of yourself.

    And to Sean…he IS a victim in this, it’s shame that you can’t see it.

  • Wolf


    Condem much.

    Mike Jones did what was right. And the Gay Community SHOULD be thanking him for bringing the hypocrite Haggard down and we should be helping him.

    I throw down the Gauntlet to any Gay Business out there. OFFER JONES A JOB!

  • rickroberts

    I feel very sorry for him, too, but it isn’t sympathy he needs. He needs counseling, advice, and solution. Yes, Mike made some bad choices in his life, but so have many of us. I really don’t know many gay men who haven’t at least experimented with drugs and/or have an alter ego online. I think it is commendable that Mike has found a way to forgive Haggard and is open to the possibility of one day forgiving that vile church.

    Mike, dude, if you’re reading this, please consider moving to another city. Lots of gays move to get a fresh start. It can work for you, too. Do you have friends in NY?

  • Darth Paul

    @Wolf: Offer him a job? As what exactly? You think an middle age prostitute’s going to be happy at a low-wage admin job at any random business?

    I completely respect this man, but I don’t understand what sort of ‘support’ he feels he’s entitled to. The fact is that he lived an underground sort of life for decades before this scandal broke, and he’s now finding himself in the aging sex workers dilemma: no significant experience or skills besides the obvious. On top of that, there’s likely a set of psychological obstructions holding him back from turning things around for himself.

    [Kinda tangential, but this is a good example of why prostitution should be legalized and unionized so the older ones can retire w/some minor comforts instead of nothing but what they managed to save (and in most cases, it’s nothing).]

  • Mark D.

    Well, I think he’s hot. If I lived in Colorado, I’d go on a date with him.


  • Jeremy Feist

    Poor guy. Seriously, he brought down one of the most hateful, hypocritical asshats in the US, and now he’s being thrown under the train while Oprah goes all teary-eyed over the guy who preached that an entire group of people are sinful based on how they’re born?

    If there was any justice to this, Mike would be thanked for knocking Ted Haggard off his high horse. But all people think is “oh, well he has sex for money, so we can’t take him seriously.” Just because you show off what’s between your legs, doesn’t mean you can’t show off what’s between your ears.

  • James

    Yeah, but why does he court publicity by saying he slept with Larry Craig too? What exactly would he have accomplished for The Proposition 8 battle? I slept with some Mormons? Look at me California, I’m a prostitute that helped guys get meth, vote No on Prop 8?

  • petted

    @Darth Paul: In theory, if he got some training and showed an aptitude for it he could do work in counseling – given his experiences he’d be able to talk genuinely to a lot of people and that’s very key in counseling. I think he’s looking more for understanding then support. Best of luck to him in his endeavors its not easy if people decide you’ve failed before you’ve even tried.

  • Chitown Kev

    What Jones describes is very typical of what happens to many other whistleblowers. The comparison to Jessica Hahn is spot on.

    While I understand that Jones wants to counter some of the gobbledy-gook that New Life and (to an extent) Haggard is puttin out there, maybe it’s time for to stay out of the spotlight and take stock of himself, as it appears he is doing to a certain extent. Maybe it means picking up and going somewhere else. If there really is a meth addiction issue, maybe it means dealing with that. If it means returning to school and entering a new profession than do that, for the sake of his own psyche.

    Whatever you decide to do Mike, good luck to you.

  • petted

    @James: Can’t say whether he did or didn’t sleep with Craig but I bet Craig would of if he could of.

  • Tom Wood

    A true hero.

  • ruggles

    Being famous and poor is one of the hardest paths in life. I totally applaud what he did and to see Haggard still denying that he’s gay (and not even admitting thats he’s at least a little bi) just shows what Mike Jones is up against. The problem with the official “gay community” is that there really is no difference between them and every other bureaucratic institution in the world–all that really matters is image, money, political correctness and jockeying for position. Unfortunately thats the way God made us. Forget justice and humanity. Having said that, staying in Colorado and continuing to be victimized means he’s not going move on. I believe that therapy is definitely in order but he really needs to make a plan to get out of there, whatever it takes. Its kind of like a battered wife staying because she’s afraid of the unknown or having no money or because of the kids. I’d suggest the northeast as even the conservatives are pretty socially liberal up here and most people are so interested in their own lives that they’re less likely to care about his. Rent a room, he can stay in my barn, lol, and deliver pizzas or work at a grocery store. Stay away from gays with power for a while and work on himself. Not every gay person is going to judge him poorly. I’m gay and I think what he did is the most interesting thing about him. Couldn’t care less about his past but don’t think its a bad thing. anyway, wish him lots of luck.

  • Mark D.

    Anyone know how to contact this guy? Maybe we could do something to help him out. – Mark D. Philadelphia, PA.

  • cruiser

    I feel for the poor guy in that he wants someone in hislife, but because of who/what he was & what he did(granted it was for the right reasons)that is going to be difficult at best. Many years ago I heard a saying that still ringstrue in todays society, and it goes like this…”do something right, no one remembers, do something wrong, no one forgets.” What he did was right, Rev Haggard is supposed to be someone who is in a position of a leader, someone in whom a great deal of trust has been placed, once that trust has been broken/betrayed there is no going back. Mike also had a certain amount of “trust” placed in him, because he came forward and exposed the fact that the trust placed on Rev Haggard’s shoulders had been betrayed he is now considered an outcast by the very community that should have been there for him in the beginning. I am shocked that HRC has not stepped forward, is his “cause” not deemed worthy enough for them?! In time this too will pass and Rev Haggard will move on to new territory, Mike will be able to get on with his life(granted it will never be the same)but he will be able to have a life and given time probably will be able to find a boyfriend and have those things in life that will make him feel like a whole person again.

  • latebrosus

    In other words, the gay community cares about its reputation. This is understandable, considering what people and cultures around the world think about homosexuality. We want our spokespeople to be respectable, clean-living, sincere, and, well, to some degree, conventional. Thus Jones is a very divisive figure. We should all appreciate what he did. I also think we should appreciate him for making us think. What does it mean when a notably good deed is “tainted” somehow?

    What’s done is done. His name is out there. His life is out there. The world knows. So is it fair to ask: what should, could, or would the gay community do for Jones that helps him and us?

  • Jaroslaw

    I hope there is a big difference between Mike Jones and Ted Haggard. My guess and hope is that Mike is trying to move on and Ted is continuing to live high on the hog (his TV appearances etc.) and still being duplicitous.

    I have no harsh judgement for Mike Jones – we don’t know all the circumstances & details. Letters to editors get, well, edited; probably the same for interviews with magazines, TV and blogs. If we, the reading and interacting public knew all the information, there would be much less controversy and that in large measure is apparently what makes this so interesting.

    I for one agree with Mark D. I’d like to help but I need more info.

  • Chitown Kev


    Assist him. But quietly and without fanfare

  • NG

    While Mike (and now Grant since he’s admitting kind of that he’s an alcoholic) are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together, Ted Haggard is being whined and dined in NYC, appearing on CNN & ABC, being treated like he’s the second coming.

    It’s sickening.

  • Mike.C

    Prostitute and Drug user are labels that have been placed on this man, and yet, how many of us have used recreational drugs and have had either anonymous sex or sex on the first “date”? It seems the epitome of hypocrisy in the gay community to hold him to task for having casual sex (yes, for money in his case) and doing drugs, when it is all too widespread among our own social circles. (actually the drug use part, I think, is inaccurate too, if I recall his claims.)
    Ted Haggard has actively persecuted gay men for being gay, and yet he is reaping fame and presumably fortune from this. But Mike Jones is shunned by his own community. Shame on us. We’re apparently worse than the sycophantic hypocrites in the Church of Hate.

  • BootsieGee

    NG: I agree with you that Mike and Grant are trying to get their lives together and that Ted is doing media, etc. But ask yourself why? Because TV is about ratings and regardless of your beliefs, Ted Haggert was a very very powerful person in the evangelical community, therefore he is newsworthy. The other aspect of this that people (by people I mean conservative, middle America) love a reformed sinner. Ask yourself this, what was the name of the prostitute that Jimmy Swaggert was caught with? No one knows, why? Because she is not news worthy. And while I sympathize with Mike and his current situation I have to ask myself was he reaching out to the gay community out of his own pocket or was he expecting a public appearance fee? I don’t know the answer to that but I would guess that he was expecting compensation, when the reality is, his role in this little passion play has come to an end. What did Jessica Hanh do after blowing her whistle? She blew Hugh Hefner’s and did a spread in Playboy. Jennifer Flowers? Donna Rice? Monica Lewimsky? Paula Jones? No one can tell where they are or what they are doing but everyone knows the powerful men they brought down (granted 3 of those were with Clinton but you get the point). And lastly, since when was the HRC (an organization I personally have very little use for) responsible to check on people and make sure they were OK. I can tell you as a Navy vet who was investigated and harrased three times for being gay, they never contacted me to make sure I was OK. nor did I expect them to. If Mike wants to be news-worthy (albiet hypocritically) have him become an evangelical minister, 700 Club, Rush, Bill and Ann would be all over him. I wish him the best of luck and hope that he finds peace and contentment with the reminder that it is always darkest before the dawn. I truly hope things work out for him.

  • Jaroslaw

    Man people are even more harsh at another blog about this Mike Jones guy. Maybe he really is having a hard time.

    I’m going to e-mail him myself [email protected] I’ll see what he says about his job skills, what he’s doing for work etc.

  • Barry

    It saddens me to know that Mike is having such a hard time of it. I know I have MUCH appreciation for him. He exposed at least one of the horrid and powerful religious hypocrites, which is SO necessary for the betterment of society. Jesus did not speak out against homosexuality, but he did speak out against hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is the harmful, destructive SIN that is so pervasive within too much of our Society. I’m not a Christian. I’m an atheist who lives in a Country where most say they are Christian, and I look around and say to myself, “where are they?”

    When Mike exposed Ted, he also exposed himself. A prostitute who also supplied Ted with drugs. And not weed, which should be legalized anyway. But Meth, a dangerous and destructive drug that should be illegal. So of course organizations like the HRC would have to stay clear of that. Bill O’Reilly would make hay with that. “The HRC embraces prostitution and the use of Meth”, he’d declare at every opportunity.” Bill and those creeps who are like him already LOVE saying that the ACLU supports pedophiles . There is NO limit to how creepy the right wing can be in their distorting and twisting of facts and truth, and their sickening hate and hypocrisy. So I am able to understand the reaction to Mike by some, up to a point. He is a bit radioactive, to some. But surely not to all.

    Mike exposed himself to the world as a prostitute and drug dealer, so that made him someone some gay men might not want to bring home to their parents. LOL. But I can also imagine there would be LOTS of gay men out there who’d love to say they dated, rubbed the back of, and made love to the guy who brought down Ted Haggard. Besides, he is quite a handsome HUNK. My suspicion is that (just as I did not know he was having a hard time of it) MOST ALL OTHER GAY MEN do not know as well. How would we know? Hopefully, as the word gets out he will soon be bombarded with offers, both having to do with romance and career. That is my hope for him anyway.

    I can not imagine that Rachel Maddow would not enjoy having him on her show to discuss the Ted Haggard documentary. Mike, if you read this, give Rachel a try. And there is Tyra Banks, a big fan of the gay community, who loves controversy. Call her. Get yourself out there. And find yourself a musical collaborator and start working on Mike and Ted, The Musical. Start with the adorable and talented Jeff Whitty.

    Now that is a musical I’d LOVE to see.

  • Gregoire

    Hey, you know what? People who didn’t sleep with famous pastors don’t have boyfriends or jobs too. I find it hard to believe he’s being specifically ostracized just for this association. There are so many star-fuckers on this planet that any old piece of meat with a scrapbook of headlines would have no problem getting at very least the basics out of life.

    I think the depression probably existed far before Haggard and I hope he gets help with that. Because he seems to at least have good character, and there are far too few of those around.

  • no 4

    I have no issue with him outing Haggard. I have issue with his drug dealing ways and shady’ness. His issues are pre-Haggard and it would do him well to move on in life from being a “massage therapsit”/meth dealer. Then I am sure he’ll find the happiness he’s denied himself for a long time.

  • Dave

    OMG! I’ve heard that ugly cabinets cause depression, unemployment and gay ostracizing. Once those cabinets are replaced girl, you’ll be hosting the most fabulous gay shindig socials and life will be as grand as a mommy dearest birthday partay

  • swine

    The suggestion about Mike contacting Rachel Maddow is a good one. I’m kinda suprised she hasn’t jumped on this. Mike has a lot going for him. He’s clearly intelligent, articulate and at 50, he’s still great-looking. He’s depressed about the choices he’s made in his life. Not suprising — ever read Erik Rhodes blog? Prostitution is usually not a happy life choice. But he can get past this with therapy. I hope he gets the help he so badly needs.

    Seeing Haggard on Oprah made me want to puke. And I saw Pelosi w/Anderson Cooper and she seemed like a smug cunt who thought her documentary was an oh-so-hip following of Ted at his lowest. She doesn’t get that he was using her (and Oprah) to stage a comeback. I can understand Mike’s bitterness watching this, along with the new stuff about this other guy. What a disgusting mess.

  • Jaroslaw

    Well, I sent to the email and got a response. I asked him what his plans were in the first e-mail (he said he’d like to be a caregiver) and in the second I asked what kind of work he’s doing now (no answer) and as to how we could assist him, he said he did the Haggard thing alone, and he will get back up on his own, but thank you for your support, it means so much.

    So there you are. I don’t know if he thinks I’m pulling his chain or what, but that is almost verbatim the responses I got.

  • Nick

    I think he’s HOT!!!! And I think what he did was admirable to say the least (coming forward regarding Ted.) Damn, his past…we all have done things that we regret later. I’d go out with him in a heartbeat!!! Tell him to move to Dallas! Hell, give him my email!!!!

  • Jaroslaw

    Nick you can e-mail him. Its above.

  • Nick

    Thanks Jaroslaw. I saw the email and I did!

  • For Reals

    He’s broke, can’t get a boyfriend and despite many efforts to reach out to the gay community, is treated like a pariah.
    First: He’s broke. Who isn’t right now? Need to find a new profession. Where did all that book money go? Go make some Porn.
    Second: Can’t get a boyfriend? So? There are a lot of people who can’t get one? Why can’t he get one? His personality? His profession or his fame?
    Third: Despite many efforts to reach out to the gay community, is treated like a pariah. Sorry Mike, but a lot of people regardless of what community you are a part of, don’t like or care about Hookers/Drug Dealers. I personally could care less what he does for a living. I think it’s wrong that the gay community is allegedly shunning him.

    Having said that, Mike needs to move out of Denver to a place where he will be more accepted and loved.

  • Mister C

    I understand everybody’s sympathy for him, For I will not bash him. But I cannot feel sorry for him. just can’t. Regadless of Haggard being on TV he is being embarrarssed like no other and this HBO doc is nothing nice. However Haggard deserves it.

    On the other hand Mike Jones knew all along he was tricking a preacher and using Meth. He knew then that Haggard would publicy oppose homosexuality he still continued to see and get money from him. It was until Haggard was calling everything off then Mike Jones felt offended and then broke the story. Then wrote a book. What happened to his agent, his manager? All these things were obtained before this book came out? WHAT HAPPENED?

    Anyway I hope he can bounce back everyone deserves redemption!

  • kevin57

    I don’t wish anyone ill, but I have a hard time mustering up much sympathy for him. I have ZERO sympathy or concern for Haggard, but I just don’t believe in outing people. Don’t. Ever.

  • alan brickman

    he should do the shows but he should also work as a trainer…man is he fit…

  • John1299

    Mike, you are an attractive man, painfully honest, too. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to date you. I have an idea that there are gay comunities and not one, sole monolithic gay community. Yes, you’ve been rejected and treated badly by some folks in some gay communities, but not by everyone. These are economically difficult times for a lot of people. You are not alone there. I do wish you well. I would have no problem with you as a friend and I would not have any issues dating you. You are not alone. I am 44, retired from the military, living with two dogs. I haven’t had a date in 18 months and I don’t go clubbing. I do have a circle of friends and a sense of community. But I spend my nights alone, too. I hope things get better for you. You are a good man. Thanks for taking the risks you have taken.

  • Uncle Mike

    @Mister C: Actually, Mike didn’t know Haggard’s true identity (Haggard called himself “Art”) for a long time and only went public after finding out Haggard was loudly and actively against same sex marriage (and against homosexuality in general).

  • CondeNasty

    Yes he is whistleblower but he keeps circling back to money, money, money. It is more than a little bit gross. I feel bad for him but it reeks of opportunism.

  • DavidiNSeattle

    Hey Mike, I saw you at your book signing/Dan Savage in Seattle. I was the one who slipped you a few bucks and said thanks for all you were doing in exposing Ted.

    I find it difficult to hear all these things you have been going through and that people have rejected you so harshly. It boggles my mind, but I guess the supplying of drugs (I realize you don’t do drugs) and paid sex angle is just too much for alot of people. I would also say you have done your part and now it’s time to let Ted do what Ted does best, slither around and fool people.

    You can’t change anyone so keeping tabs on him to make him honest or whatever, is really not good energy for you to be staying in. I think Oprah is right, you are not currently relevant, but you were and you did a fantastic job. You also are not a victim unless you choose to see yourself that way. If people don’t get your position, then stick to the ones that do ‘get you’, like many of us here on this blog.

    You’re a feeler. You feel things deeply and I can tell you are taking on more than is probably even yours, about this situation. You are not responsible to make it ALL right, just tell your story and leave, and disconnect, cause it’s a scandal, and there are never any winners in a scandal. Stop talking about it, drop it if someone asks you questions, just let it go and move on. Starting a new life comes with leaving the past one behind. Telling a dreary story just keeps you dreary. The scandal is info and people will do with it what they like.

    I wish you the best and when I get to Denver next, I’d like to have coffee and a few laughs.

    Best to ya,


  • JamesR

    I recall Mike Jones saying that he wasn’t sure exactly who Ted Haggard was until he saw a special TV program that had Haggard in it – and oddly enough it’s being repeated NOW on the History channel I think – on the Apocalypse. Talking about the ‘Antichrist’ and the ‘end times’ – I just saw it a bit, and there’s Haggard, at the end going on about it. Maybe also at the beginning / middle but I did not see the whole thing, there’s only so much of it I can take. Creepy knowing Oh So Much about what’s going to happen in the near future. Funny not knowing that soon your whore will see you on that very program and out you! ROFLWPMP.

    Note I use “whore” in it’s non-derogatory descriptive usage. That profession, or calling as-it-were, has morals and ethics, and Mike Jones was caught in a classic tragic conflict of them. I think he chose correctly, and needs to get out of the house more. He may find individuals met new in person are not as bad as the cruel selfish indifferent “public” that is made up of the collective ‘everyone’ but is in fact nobody. I’d advise him to go to the Compound, have beers and meet new people. I will be there in August and, if I can find him, will buy him one (or more) and give him a big hug and say thanks in person.

  • tavdy79

    @CondeNasty: Unfortunately it is not possible to survive without money. It’s entirely possible that Mike Jones is focussed on money because he has none. After all, I would not be surprised if many of his regular clients would feel uncomfortable being seen with him now – irrespective of whether he’s their personal trainer or escort.

  • [email protected]

    Depression is a very difficult issue to recover from, but there must be some way of getting help. Antidepressants do work.

  • billeeboy

    Mike is a hero! Although I disapprove of outing ordinary closeted men (there are many and varied reasons why some men remain in the closet and IMO we should not judge them). However public figures are a different story. If they preach homophobia while they themselves are closeted and engage in sex with men they should be outed. I salute Mike for having the guts to do this, the right thing, even at substantial personal risk. It is disgraceful and very sad that he is being treated as a pariah by the gay community. I suspect, however, that it is the leadership of gay organizations that are treating him in this way. (Based on this blog it seems that we rank-and-file gay men are very supportive oh him.) It is sad that some gay leaders, in an effort to achieve ‘acceptance’ at any price by the straight community, are willing to deny aspects of our gay reality that might make straight people uncomfortable (e.g., prostitution, drug use). I have no problem with either. Drug use is not the same thing as drug abuse. And prostitution is a bad thing only if people are coerced into prostitution by unfortunate life circumstances. I know a number of gay prostitutes who are fine people, make a good living, and contribute substantially in a number of ways to the gay community and to the wider community. As gay men we need to be accepted by the wider community as we are, not as straight people would like us to be. Some of our leaders don’t understand this. I sincerely hope that Mike is able to obtain the therapy that will help him with his depression, and that he gets past this episode and is able to achieve personal fulfillment. Mike has taken a great personal risk in order to help all of us. He deserves our support. I salute him; in my books he is a hero!

  • Jaroslaw

    Mike Jones may be a lot of things, but greedy apparently isn’t one of them. I’ve offered to send him a small check and so far he hasn’t provided an address to send it to.

  • Ed

    Ha, ha. The people who seem so angry and vile towards Mike Jones being a sex worker really show their age and/or sheltered backgrounds. Who the f*ck cares?!? Get over it already.

  • Ian

    John1299 wrote “Mike, you are an attractive man, painfully honest, too. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to date you.” Well, because if Mike doesn’t agree with you, he might just “out” all your dirty laundry. What bf would want to live under that fear?!?!

  • Jack

    I use to live in Denver and met Mike Jones through a mutual friend that went to his gym for personal training. He is a nice guy and I really feel bad that there are people in the gay community that treat him the way they do. I read a guy actually spit on him at a gay bar. What a douche-bag. It took a lot of balls for Mike to come out with this. The guy was George W. Bush’s spiritual advisor.

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