The American Decency Association Thinks Magic Johnson’s HIV Status Influenced Gay Son

magic-johnson-600The American Decency Association has pegged retired basketball star Magic Johnson as their latest scapegoat in a losing battle against homosexuality, claiming his overwhelming support for recently-outed gay son, EJ Johnson III, is just as much of an “abomination” as his HIV status. For an organization that prides itself on “decency,” you’d think they’d have something nicer to say…

In a letter posted to the organization’s website, Bill Johnson asks Evangelical Christian readers: “If Magic Johnson says he’s proud of his son for being a homosexual does his statement make it right in your heart and mind?” His answer, obviously “no,” is hiding somewhere in the subsequent cacophony of unrelated sentences likening homosexuality to polygamy, pedophilia, and bestiality.

Johnson continues, “God’s warnings in His word are reasonable and wise. God made us and He knows what’s best. He gives strong warnings regarding illicit sex: pre-marital sex, promiscuity, adultery, homosexuality, polygamy.”

Even more disturbing than the author’s lack of fashion sense (he really hates EJ’s “fur coat and swinging handbag“) are the anecdotes he provides, which claim his numerous HIV+ gay friends (?) are being punished by God’s wrath.

Again, we’re not sure what Magic Johnson’s HIV status has to do with his fabulously dapper gay son, but for the sake of decency, we won’t probe.


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