banned books

The American Library Assocation’s Week-Long Crusade to Promote Gay Agenda

The American Library Association is basically a front group for liberals, we’ve ascertained. How else to explain why they’re spending this whole week “celebrating” Banned Books Week
, bringing attention to America’s most hated books that PTA associations and conservative action organizations routinely nominate to be burned in the public square. Usual suspects include To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter anything, The Color Purple, and The Kite Runner. All of these tomes, you see, are responsible for increasing this nation’s healthcare costs by hiking the blood pressure of right-wingers. Don’t you understand how complicated an issue this is? Focus on the Family does!

“Every year, the ALA and other liberal groups use this trumped-up event to intimidate and basically silence concerned parents,” says Candi Cushman, FOTF’s education analyst, who has obviously seen this awesome map. “The truth is, parents have every right and responsibility to object to their kids receiving sexually explicit and pro-gay literature without their permission, especially in a school setting.”

Keep in mind, FOTF doesn’t recommend banning books. They just want concerned citizens to donate to their library books that represent conservative, Christian values. Hey, maybe Kirk Cameron has an extra copy of Origins lying around that you could donate?