The Animal Kingdom Has A Sassy Gay Narrator

LOGO and Animal Planet should take note of YouTuber Christopher Gordon, who adds hilarious voice-overs to National Geographic nature specials as his alter-ego Randall. Take the honey badger for instance. It may sound like a cute pet name for your boo, but Randall knows real honey badgers are hungry little bastards that don’t give a shit—they just take what they want, whether its the heads of venomous cobras or the unborn babies of African killer bees.

What might Randall have to say about the Daffy Jesus Lizard?

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  • Michael in Toronto

    Love it. And PLEASE don’t tell me Randall is a “stereotype,” I don’t want to hear it. Can’t we all lighten up a bit?

  • redmont

    posts like this is why i keep coming back to this site

    great find, daniel!

  • IzzyLuna

    That’s some funny stuff right there! I love how he ends the segment with, “It’s…cray-see!”

    Now if Logo would get off their ass and stop airing reruns of Priscilla Queen of the Dessert and Noah’s Ark and actually throw in some fun, cool, new shows i’d tune in more.

  • jeff

    That is so unfunny

  • Kieran

    This is the type of gays that annoy Matt Hissey. And who can really blame him?

  • HellsCook

    @Kieran: And pleasing Matt Hissey (GOD I love that name) is what the rest of us truly live for (No, seriously, I love that name).

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