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The Anti-Facebook Rev. Cedric Miller Liked Watching His Wife Get Tag Teamed By Another Dude

New Jersey’s the Rev. Cedric Miller has been on a crusade against Facebook because, like letting homosexuals marry, it threatens the institution of traditional marriage. On Sunday he spent part of his fifty-minute sermon railing against the social network. Mr. Miller, a pastor at Living Word Christian Fellowship, did not tell his congregation that he and his wife Kim engaged in threeways with a male church staffer after Bible class, and sometimes fourways with the staffer’s wife, though he did tell a court about the group sex action during a 2003 criminal complaint involving the staffer. He’s offered to resign.

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  • tallskin2

    LOL another fracking christian caught with his flies undone!

    What a bunch of hypocrites christians are!

    You know what I’ve been thinking? That straight christians are by definition so stupid that it would be profitable to set up a church ourselves, a pure front with gays running it, to get gullible straight christians to donate millions of dollars to gay causes.

    It wouldn’t be ripping them off cos they’re so stupid they’d be donating their money to churches that are cons anyway, all we’d be doing is diverting their money to a genuinely good cause.

  • Yet Another

    What does this have to do with gay people again?

  • dizzle

    yet another: It just highlights conservative christian hypocrisy. These people are moral authorities on NOTHING and will be exposed as the hating frauds they are.

  • DavyJones

    @dizzle: Actually, it highlights a small but very negative example of such hypocrisy in Christians. This article, like many before it (and the comments to them) capitalizes on the fact that in any group of people there are immoral douchebags, and that there are a lot of Christians to pick from…. Then implies that the entire christian community is made up of these kinds of people (or the Republican Party, or Muslims, etc); that type of stereotyping is really rather appalling given that one would think our group would be rather sensitive to it…

    Really this blog and it’s comments are full of stereotypes and in some cases outright bigotry; and it’s pretty sad. Shouldn’t the message be understanding and acceptance of all.

    How would Queerty feel if (when) some conservative pundit cherry picks some extreme case of an immoral asshole homosexual doing something terrible and then tries to paint us all with that brush?

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